Thursday, July 10, 2008

Food index

I've rounded up all my favorite kitchen gear into this post, if you're curious.

My Thanksgiving prep plan is right here.

Sweet treats

See my wedding dessert buffet tips here. And my wedding cake tips here. And how to glue together gingerbread houses here. And how to make stained glass windows for your gingerbread house here. My wedding recipe Excel spreadsheet is here. And the cookie spreadsheet explanation is here.

Homemade Peeps are here (couldn't figure out what category those belonged in!)

Greek almond bars are here.

Salted caramel sauce is here.

Cilantro lime sorbet (tequila optional) is here.

Emergency chocolate frosting is here (takes 2 minutes and three ingredients).

Quadruple Barbie cake logistics post is here and the fondant post is here.

Pastry like things
Blackberry tart with vanilla ice cream
Brioche with chocolate ganache
Carrot cake (best carrot cake, hands down)
Coconut cupcakes
Coconut lime revenge cake
Double chocolate cake with milk chocolate frosting
Lemon ginger muffins
Lemon debutante cake
Margarita cupcakes
Meyer lemon pound cake + swiss meringue buttercream frosting (wedding cake!)
Obama cupcakes (make your own colored sprinkles!)
Gingerbread snacking cake
Pumpkin cupcakes
THE CAKE (chocolate cake with fudge frosting)
Vanilla bean + orange cupcakes

Basic pie crust
Apple pie with pecan crumb topping
Coconut cream pie
Lemon meringue pie
Perfect graham cracker crust tip

Coconut rice pudding
Real tapioca pudding
Simple vanilla pudding

Savory delights

My method for freezing meals is here. My thoughts on the Real Simple one month meal plan are here and the recipe reviews are here

Meat (related - my decision to eat meat is discussed here)
Baked ziti(ish) casserole
Burgers, summer style
Chicken in cashew nut sauce
Chile verde
Bottega Louie (macarons!)
Five Guys (vs. In'n'Out)
Vanilla Bakeshop (mango cupcakes)

Not cooking
CSA info


  1. Your recipe archive is delightful! I'm going to try everything - I just threw away a huge binder of collected recipes, forcing me to start fresh.

  2. I am printing out several of these recipes, can't wait to try some of them! I just recently found your blog and I am loving it!!

  3. Your food posts are my favorite! The pictures! delicious. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This website is the greatest! The simple parsley dip is so easy to make and tastes awesome! I cut the servings of olive oil in half and replaced with water, and it still tastes amazing. My roommates were skeptic, but once they tried it they loved it.

  5. Great recipes and great pictures! I fell in love with the cinnamon rolls that you published on flickr but couldn't find the recipe here. Would love to get it!

  6. I swear that if I don't go immediately to the recipe I'm looking for in this index, I end up bookmarking three new things. Which, is awesome, except that it inevitably leaves me over on my food budget (but under on my take-out budget...)


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