Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have a slight obsession with thrifting. Back in high school, it was a major activity for my group of friends, and we would spend hours sifting through racks of clothes at Thrift Shoppe (no joke - that was the name of our favorite store, and it was right next to a super cheap bakery outlet) on discount days. I had an awesome plaid dress that I occasionally still wish I hadn't tossed out.

I can't seem to muster up the energy to go hunting for clothes anymore. They all smell like a thrift store, for one thing, and my arms get tired sorting through the racks and I'm too lazy to try anything on and too cheap to buy it without a return policy even if it only does cost $3. I do, however, have plenty of energy to look for old kitchenware. Pyrex bowls leave me pretty weak at the knees, and I can almost never resist a good pressed glass cake stand, but my current obsession is this old Dansk line. Bright, primary colors, beautiful Eames era handles.

I love them so much that I like to leave them out on the counter so I can stare at them. I got all three of these for $32, which is a pretty good deal. They're all over Ebay, but I like the exultant feeling I get when I unearth one in a bin of flea market junk.


  1. absolutely love these. i spend a lot of time looking for catherineholm on ebay but rarely ever turn up anything good. this will be my new search!

  2. god I love that feeling, of unearthing a gem! Kind of like finding the missing earring to your favorite pair.



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