Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DIY Index

Paper goods
Cards, linocuts for Valentine's Day
Napkin rings, paper punched
Thankful leaf garland (Thanksgiving 2010)

Bathmat from a towel - take one & two
Dog cowl (crocheted)
Felt gift wrap (reusable)
Makeup bag, lined
Ruffle-y silk headband (minimal sewing)
Skirt (elastic waistband, simple)
Quilt, parts one & two
Zippered pillow cover (Ikea fabric)

Bridal party shirts (using iron on transfers)
Necklace (quick choker re-do)
Wedding centerpieces (delicate butterflies & candles) - scroll down

Christmas - felt cloud ornaments, 2010 wreath (felt + metallic)
Valentine's Day - 2011 cards

Our wedding

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these tutorials! \o/
    Regards from Brazil!
    Simone ^^


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