Monday, July 28, 2008

Bridal shower recap

Get ready for a longish (and gratuitously personal) post here - the big bridal shower was on Saturday and it was a blast! The bridal party is huge and mainly made up of my dear (and supremely talented) girlfriends from high school, so we had a lot of fun putting it all together and making it special for our lovely bride to be.

Friday night Stace and I were back in my apartment, prepping for all we were worth. Here we are icing dozens of glass slippers and tiaras for favors (yes, those are bikes behind me in the dining room - we live in a small apartment!).


The maid of honor outdid herself with the planning. Guests were greeted at the door with this little table. The bells were for a game, there were blinged out name tags, and the favors are all packaged and lined up in those little trays. The gorgeous flowers for the whole event were done by Kris (aren't we lucky to have a friend/fellow bridesmaid who also happens to be the amazing head floral designer of The Treasured Petal?).


Here's the food spread...


And, of course, the dessert got its own area.

Here is the room, set up and partially filled with people busily filling out quizzes.

And, a close up of the gorgeous flowers (notice Jasmine hiding out in the middle - each table was themed with a different Disney princess).

Here is a collage to give you an idea of the overall feel - be nice, because it's my first attempt at one of these.

And here's the beautiful bride, front and center, with all the rest of us surrounding her.
I really do love my girls and I can't wait for the wedding next month!

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  1. Rachel, you are amazing! I loved every delicious morsel you made. Your blog is a nice breath of fresh air everyday. Keep it up!

    P.S. You have inspired me to spend less than 1500.00 on food every month. Please give me more tips next time we meet!


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