Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sugar therapy

I seriously feel like a new person today - a bone tired, absolutely exhausted person who would love to sleep for three days straight, but a new person nonetheless. Yesterday I felt bad for every person who walked into my office because I'm pretty sure I was terrifying in my crankiness.

I got home from work and was pretty cheered up to find my sugar cookie dough patiently waiting for me in the fridge. That stuff is tasty. I had to eat it for a while to make sure that it was high enough quality to be used for cookies.
I use the Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe and every single time I swear that I won't do it again, because it is a serious pain in the ass. It is the softest dough ever, so you are constantly having to stick it back in the fridge to chill, and once you cut the cookies you have to stick them in the fridge to chill before you can bake them, and it just generally annoys me. But once the first tray is taken out of the oven I always go back on my word. I'm not a huge sugar cookie fan, but these are pretty good. Crisp when they first come out, and then they soften up a bit, and they have great flavor for something that is basically butter and sugar.

These babies are going to be the favors for the bridal shower on Saturday, which is princess themed, so I thought it appropriate to make some tiaras. I have glass slippers too, but no pics yet. I'm going to frost them tonight, so hopefully they turn out appropriately cutesy.

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  1. these came out so well and i'm happy to hear you're finally feeling better! can't wait to see the final product.


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