Monday, July 28, 2008

Double duty

A girl can only bake so many cookies before it starts to take a toll. Despite my enormous list of things to do last Friday, I decided that a new (slightly more forgiving) dress was definitely in order for my two event weekend. I desperately wanted to make a trip to the sale section at Anthro (or at least to Forever 21 for some Anthro knockoffs), but I couldn't justify the time it would take me to get down there. Darn. I ended up at the Urban instead, solely due to the fact that it is halfway between work and home and the detour only took a total of 15 minutes in and out the door.
Amazingly enough, I actually found something I was willing to buy. Side note - I have super bad luck at Urban because I am prejudiced and remember the days before their clothes were all completely overpriced and back then their sales section was a mecca - you just can't top that. Also, when did they decide they are American Apparel? Have you visited their website recently? It's crazy. Anyways, rant over, because I found this dress.
It fits, it's pretty flattering, and it only cost $48. Bonus - I can wear my absolute favorite bra with it and it doesn't have to get tugged around. Downside - it definitely makes me look like I might be pregnant when you look at it in side view. I was heartened to check out the website and see that it does the same for the stick skinny model. I just made sure to pose full frontal for all photos.
In fact, I liked it so much that I ended up wearing it for both the bridal shower on Saturday and the big family party (on a historic yacht!) on Sunday. Yep, I wore the same dress all weekend. Is that gross? For some reason it doesn't feel gross when it's a dress. The weather on Sunday was gorgeous, but towards the end of the party it got just a little chilly and I had an excuse to bust out my little seersucker jacket that I bought a couple years ago and still love. It just felt so boat-y somehow.
I will not use the stretchy dress as an excuse to keep baking cookies, however. Expect to see some healthy recipes on here in the next couple weeks, because over the weekend I made some (cookie dough stomach ache induced) resolutions about getting back on track.

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  1. i don't think i've ever seen this's amazing!!! glad you had fun and i can't wait to see the dress in person.


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