Monday, August 25, 2008

Ikea madness

Have you ever been to the fabric section at Ikea? I hadn't. I guess when people talked about Ikea fabrics I always assumed they were hacking up the curtains or something. Not so. The fabric section is crazy - just massive bolts of fabric tossed everywhere, with no labels or anything. You are pretty much guessing at the cost, but nothing is over $8.99 a yard, which is amazing for the quality. Yes, I said quality in reference to Ikea. But they are nice cotton and linen blends that actually have a nice heavy weight. We picked up a couple yards each of these three:

Patricia, Fialena, and Stockholm Blad

The one with black and white triangles is ridiculously cute, but you have to see the whole pattern.

Wide view of Fialena, from Ikea's website

I will say that while picking out the fabrics is fun, getting them cut is not. Various employees milled in and out of the fabric section, but it took a long time to snag someone. And he was maybe 16 years old, and couldn't remember how many inches were in a yard, and they don't have actual fabric scissors, so watching him hack his way through my gorgeous Fialena was making me wince. Then, because the bolts aren't labeled, we all had to pitch in to try to figure out what fabrics we had and how much they cost. I was so relieved to get out of there, clutching my hard earned pieces.

Naturally, I picked up these little guys on my way out.

Farm vases from Ikea ($1.99 each!)

I've been staring at them online and on other people's blogs for quite a while now.

And those couch cushions I've been thinking about? Well, these aren't Marimekko, but they are green and graphic and they fit the throw pillows on my couch perfectly.

Hedda Rak cushion covers ($12.99 for two) from Ikea

Sorry. The picture is a little blurry, because the light was low, and that is the loveseat and not the sofa where they actually live, but you get the idea.

Yes, I did other things over the weekend besides shop at Ikea. Maybe I'll eventually get around to posting about them.


  1. kiiiind of creepy that i have these EXACT same three vases! they look perfect with gerber daisies and are complete johnathan adler knock-offs! btw, those lime-colored pillows are fabulous!

  2. i just was at ikea and marveling over their awesome fabrics...

  3. how did i miss those adorable vases at ikea last week??? i am promptly going back this week to pick up a bunch. they are perrrrfect! i love your fabric choices and can't wait to see what you make with them. ;-) see you this weekend!

  4. oh how i heart ikea. those fabrics that you picked out are lovely!

  5. Oh my goodness, we are IKEA soul sisters! I bought that black and white triangle print fabric to make a bag for my Mom, and I have one of those little white vases in my entryway. Love it! :)

  6. I just bought those exact three vases as well, AND a few yards of the Patricia fabric to make curtains.

    And I own that Alexander Henry bird print fabric too.

    And we're both brunettes with brown glasses named Rachel.

  7. Confession? When we go to the Ikea fabric department, I cut, tag and price my own.

    Every time I've been there, the department is abandoned...we ask nearby employees to get someone and they always tell us they will, but we've stopped actually expecting them to. I usually use the time I spend waiting to locate the scissors, order sheets and yard sticks :P Then, eventually, I get annoyed and cut it myself. I'm always so impressed by myself when I fill out the order sheet correctly :P

  8. They look perfect with gerber daisies and are complete johnathan adler knock-offs! and I have one of those little white vases in my entryway. Regards, michaelvk from 3D Animation


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