Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shopping regrets

Dear J. Crew at the Promenade,

We have been friends for a while now, but it is time to talk. Please suck it up and invest in some better lighting for your dressing rooms. I would totally have bought this skirt (at an additional 40% off the sale price) if not for the fact that I was distracted and disgusted by the odd greeenish tone of my skin while I was trying it on.

And now it is warm outside and I am sad that I didn't buy it because it would have transitioned so well from summer to fall. And the gray would have looked awesome with the crazy magenta heels that I found at Forever 21 and still haven't had a chance to wear. Also, I am pretty sure the skin tone issue was your fault and not mine, because I looked just fine at Old Navy five minutes after I fled from your store. And if I am having a more high quality shopping experience at ON, there is something seriously wrong with you.



  1. i don't know what it is about letters that kills me (i almost always end up in tears after reading the ones by the girls at gofugyourself). jcrew has really stepped up their game for fall, but their dramatic light show in the dressing room has got to go.

  2. Ohhh, I love this skirt. Go buy it, try it on at Old Navy, if it still looks weird, return it.


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