Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why I love my parents' house

(Still catching up from this weekend!)

Dropped by on Sunday and these beauties were sitting on the table.

Homegrown roses, native asters and something else I can't identify

And this munchkin was lounging around looking cute.

Circe, the wire haired fox terrier

And late summer flowers are still popping up everywhere.

Not sure what this is, but it's a safe bet that it's a California native

Just lovely. The funny part is that my mom stresses out because the house won't seem to stay in "company ready" state. Meaning that there are sometimes piles of books and magazines next to the couch, and a bit of dust on the shelves, and someone is usually refinishing a piece of furniture, so there might be some wood waiting to be sanded, and my mom loves changing the wall colors, so there is often a room that is mid paint job.

But here's the thing - my parents are always company ready. If an unexpected guest happens to drop by, their faces light up and you get bear hugs, and they will push aside a stack of projects so you can sit down and talk.

Which really seems so much better. Because I would rather be a company ready person than a person with a company ready house. Wouldn't you? After all, your friends aren't going to don white gloves and do a dust check before they sit down to gossip. And if they do, I would get some new friends, stat.


  1. not sure why, but this post made me totally tear up. i spend far too much time stressing about trivial things like piles of clothes on the floor, but all that really matters are big bear hugs and nobody gives better ones than your parents.

  2. it was a good reminder for me too. because i know i never mind seeing friends when their houses don't look perfect, but i do kind of freak if mine is messy and someone drops by. i'm trying to get over that. a little.


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