Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Five minute lunch

Yesterday I was running late and didn't pack a lunch, and I was forced to spend $7 on a seriously mediocre teriyaki chicken bowl. Determined not to fall into that trap today, I mixed up a quick meal.


I fully realize that this is not the most appetizing looking dish, but I swear it's good. And did I mention how quick it is? It's just one can of drained tuna, one cup of chickpeas (you could use other beans, too), one tablespoon of olive oil, some chopped red onion, and a little splash of white wine vinegar, plus salt and pepper.

Usually I'll mix it with some whole wheat couscous, but I'm out, so I'm going to stuff it in a pita with some spinach and tomatoes instead. The nice thing about the dish is that it's so flexible, and you can basically add or subtract anything you want.

It makes enough for two lunches, so I'm set for today and tomorrow. Sweet.


  1. you never cease to amaze me with your creative and seemingly easy dishes. of course this would have taken me half a day to create.

  2. yes! what a wonderful little lunch. i always struggle with this lunch choices!!

  3. You and your beans!
    Kristin Brancaleone


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