Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Loving it

Can anyone else believe that it is already mid-August? I'm in denial. The weather has been ridiculous this summer (I have a superstitious fear of even writing this, because I might jinx it). I think we've had maybe 5 days where it has been overly hot. Compare this to last summer, where I spent half my time sprawled on the couch, whining about the heat, and the other half scanning the movie listings, looking for the longest movies just so I could sit in the air conditioned theater. I think the mild weather has fooled me into thinking it's still spring, because I am not nearly ready to let go of summer yet. For lots of reasons, but especially ones like this...


A perfect summer salad. Fresh mozzarella, home grown (not by me) tomatoes, paper thin slices of red onion, shreds of basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil - heaven on a plate.


No cooking, just a bit of chopping. And we had a little something delicious waiting in the fridge.


Just right for an early evening dinner on the balcony.


Sometimes life is so good it hurts.


  1. Oh my gosh, yum. Comments on blogs are kind of like subject lines in emails, I can never think of the best way to phrase what I'm really thinking. But this looks delish.

  2. I love this! I'm inspired to repeat my bruschetta recipe with feta again tonight.

  3. This looks scrumptious -- a perfect light dinner for summer. I like how you set the balcony table too :)

  4. the medley of colors in this dish are fabulous. i'm sure it tasted just as good!


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