Friday, August 8, 2008

Martin + Osa

Just what I need...another store to fall in love with. I guess I am blind (actually I know I am blind, because I was walking home from a run with D the other night and he said "Did you just see who passed us?" and I said "No," because I never notice anything and I was busy babbling about something, and he says "Kristin Davis, in a crazy Wimbledon scarf," and then I heard her voice and recognized it, because I watch way too many re-runs of Sex and the City, and I was totally bummed out, because I would have liked to see if she looks as amazing in person as she does on screen (she has not changed in over 10 years - how is that possible?), but I am not so desperate that I am going to run back there in my sweaty workout clothes and stare at her), because I must have walked past Martin + Osa a million times and never noticed it. I must have had them confused with something else, because when Emily suggested we stop in last night, I was convinced that they were a high end food store specializing in olive oil. Not the case, it turns out. They are a really sweet little store with lots of classic, simple pieces. Of course, I am a huge sucker for anything classic and simple. Also, they brought bottled water to us in the dressing room. Intense.
I stuck to the sale section and came away with this.

The color is so great in person and it actually feels higher quality than the similar J.Crew skirt I was debating over earlier. And apparently their website offers free shipping and returns. That could be dangerous, seeing as my cheap attitude towards shipping is usually what stands between me and too much online shopping.


  1. yes i've become a huge martin + osa fan lately...their stores are great. it's dangerous ;-)

  2. I just heard about this store too and when I saw the cuteness that was blooming there I thought it would be out of my price range. So pleasantly surprised. I'm going to go back to school shopping.


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