Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mango madness

Mangoes were on sale this week - 3 for 99 cents, which is pretty amazing. I have to confess that I have an insane addiction to mangoes. They are sold year round here, but they suck for 3/4 of the year, of course, because they are out of season. What happens when they start going on sale in the beginning of the season is as follows...
The grocery store sale flyer appears in my mailbox and I see that mangoes are on sale (yes, I read the sale flyer every week - I am super cheap and I like to cook, so I need to know what is on sale so I can make my menu plans). I am skeptical because I know they will probably be terrible, but I can't resist so I go to the store and spend an embarrassing amount of time feeling up the fruit and sniffing it. The sniff test is the absolute best way to tell if a mango will be good, but man, do people stare at you. I'm over it, because I am that addicted to mangoes.
I get the fruit home and slice into it. You can tell almost immediately if the mango has potential because it feels either fibrous and dry or silky smooth. The mangoes this week were smooth and I started to get excited. They looked hopeful.


Turns out they were AMAZING. I tell myself not to freak out because they will go on sale again soon now that they are in season. Then I somehow find myself in the grocery store buying several more, as if mangoes will suddenly disappear and I need to eat every single one available.This goes on for a couple days and then I get a miserable case of mango mouth, where my mouth gets sore (from the acid in the fruit? from gnawing on the seed to get every bit of mango? I don't know) and I am forced to take a break.
And at that point I made mango salsa, as seen in yesterday's post. It doesn't count if it's mixed with other ingredients, right?


  1. the clarity of these pictures is incredible...i'm drooling! i feel you on the mangoes, it's so rare to find one that's perfect. i'm usually too lazy to cut them up in little cubes like you so i end up just chomping into the whole thing and then am stuck with things in every tooth for about 2 days.

  2. I'm going through the same thing with blueberries right now. A 2lb box is only $5.

  3. I understand mango mouth. I've been eating frozen mango everyday for breakfast for two weeks. I adore it.


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