Friday, August 29, 2008

Wedding-y post

I have a confession to make - I read wedding blogs obsessively. It's odd because I never even thought about weddings until my sister got married last year and I planned her wedding for her, which was so much fun that it kind of got me hooked on the whole thing. I'm not getting married anytime soon, and when I do, I am unlikely to have a Martha Stewart approved shindig (current ideas being kicked around in our house are either a taco truck or a huge barbecue, which should give you an idea of what might play out for us) but I do enjoy all the eye candy floating around in the blogosphere.

So how excited was I to see that one of my favorite wedding bloggers finally posted her photos?

That dress makes me want to jump up and down. Head over to Peonies and Polaroids to check out the rest.

In more wedding related news, on Saturday I'll be in the wedding of a dear high school friend, and I'm cutting out early today to make it to the rehearsal. When I get back I'll have a couple of crafty wedding projects to share that I was keeping secret before.

Have a wonderful, long weekend!


  1. thanks for that link; her wedding was so lovely & charming! i look forward to seeing you tonight! ;-) p.s... there's nothing wrong with a taco truck! i know a great one, btw.

  2. I got married 10 years ago and the magic of eddings has not faded away! I am currently looking at different wedding cake designs than the ones I normally do for a close friend and I am having a blast!

  3. well, i'm married, but i hate weddings!!! :-))) it's hard to imagine, i know. :-D

    have a very nice weekend


  4. What a beautiful dress she wore! I can totally see the appeal of wedding blogs. I tend to get caught up in the foodblog circuit but whenever I stumble upon someone writing about their nuptials I'm keenly interested in hearing about the dress, venue, guests and of course - food!

  5. gorgeous dress! Thanks for that link ")

  6. Sooooo addicting, right????
    there is a reason they call it wedding porn.

    oh, and by the way; we TOTALLY looked into taco trucks. What we really wanted was a burrito bar. It just wasn't in the cards for us.


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