Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I think I want this

Oh, Old Navy, why do you make my life so difficult? Your store and your website never seem to quite match up. I stopped in this weekend and tried on a little trapeze jacket that I kind of fell in love with. I didn't buy it, because I am trying to be good and I will admit that I have several light jackets. But today I decided to check it out online, just to see if it really is cute, and I couldn't find it. I found this, which I think is pretty close.
It might even be cuter, because you didn't have it in cream in store. It has adorable bell sleeves and lightly puffed shoulders and it is $10 cheaper than it was in the store, so the shipping is covered. In fact, it is kind of the poor girl's, better climate version of the J. Crew coat I am still debating over (free shipping on J. Crew this week!).

Whoops, I just stuck it in my cart and then noticed that it's a GIRL'S jacket, and while I consider myself a girl, I think Old Navy would call me a woman. How large do girl's jackets get? Could I possibly squeeze myself into one? Damn you, Old Navy. You've ruined my afternoon.


  1. seriously what is it about old navy and their confusing departments? i know that you and i have both wandered into the maternity sections on multiple occasions and now this? plus, i can't imagine ever having looked this stylish as a kid. my oversized frog t-shirts and paint splattered leggings were pretty high fashion in my eyes.

  2. super, super cute

    i think you could do it. i bought a girl's dress in old navy last year in the largest size and wear it as a tunic over jeans...it works!

  3. i think you could fit into it. It's a jacket afterall! I wonder more about length though? And I agree: Old Navy's website does absolutely nothing for me but when I walk in the store I'm pulling things off the racks like it's my job :)

  4. This is at Old Navy?! You would have no idea -- the detailing is divine!

    I do think you could wear a girls' large...even if it is a little short, you could be doing that on "purpose" with a cute, long, and light sweater ... or even a long t-shirt or tank top.

    I think I will have to meander into my local Old Navy now...


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