Friday, August 15, 2008

Just a taste...

Today is my mom's birthday! I'll be heading over there tomorrow, which means that I am currently occupied with something a little like this...


It's tradition and it's intense. Full details on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. happy birthday to your mom! can't wait to see more of this yummy goodness on monday :)

  2. um this looks insane. i can't wait to see pictures of the fudgey cake on monday! xxx

  3. Great, now I've convinced myself I need cake batter.

    I just have to say, your comment about "getting addicted/attached to embarrassing TV shows" made me laugh out loud for a long time. So long in fact, my coworker asked me what was up. Happy Friday.

  4. Happy Birthday Heart of Light's Mom. Dude can I lick the bowl... Im really good at that part. The baking part not so good. ;)


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