Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekend list

Work is driving me insane right now, and as I run around the lab frantically I am mentally listing happy thoughts to get me through the day. So I'm snatching a second to jot them down here.

  • Dinner tonight (and plenty of wine) with good friends who happen to be awesome cooks.
  • Crazy scavenger hunt tomorrow that will take all day and involve lots of laughter and general ridiculousness.
  • A long lazy Sunday with some sewing time built in (and quality time with Beck's new album - multitasking!).
  • The Darjeeling Limited and Persepolis patiently waiting for me in their little Netflix sleeves.
  • A couple of good evening runs towards the beach with D, because I'm finally to the point where I don't die five minutes after we start.
  • Tea (from my fancy tea pot) on the balcony with a good book both mornings.

Whew. I feel slightly better. That might also be because I just finished shoveling lunch into my face as fast as possible, but I think the list helped too.

Happy Friday!


  1. your teapot is just precious... i adore it. ;-) enjoy your splendid weekend; it sounds like a lovely time is in store!!

  2. sounds like a lovely way to spend an August weekend...thoughts like those would definitely help get me through the day. Enjoy it!


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