Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shopping in my closet

My closet drawers are a bit like an archaeological dig. The top layers are the clothes that I wear, wash, put away, and then wear again. Slowly, the clothes I don't wear often migrate to the bottom, and I usually don't bother to dig down very far. Every once in a while I get desperate and start clawing through all my clothes (this usually coincides with a lack of trips to the laundry room) and renew my love for something I haven't seen in years.


A couple weeks ago I dug this shirt out, and it has now officially made it to the top layer (I've worn it three times in the last two weeks). I have no memory of buying it or wearing it, and no old pictures of me in it, but the tag tells me it is from Forever 21, and I'm guessing it is circa 4 or 5 years ago. It has a slightly gathered neckline and lightly puffed sleeves and it's been playing very nicely with my Martin + Osa pleated skirt. Did I mention that it is striped? I love stripes.

So, way to go, F21! I know we have a tempestuous love affair (no sooner do I fall madly in love with a shirt, than it immediately falls apart, or only shrinks in one direction after the first washing) but I'm glad to see that at least one of your pieces has endured the test of time.


  1. pretty pretty top you've got there! i love finding clothes that i completely forgot. it's like that new item feeling without the buyer's remorse :) and i feel completely the same about forever21...

  2. Same thing happens to me. One of the great things about recently moving to a new apartment was being forced to go through all my clothes!


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