Friday, September 19, 2008

Martha Stewart sale

Em and I went a little nuts in the Martha Stewart section of Michael's last night. I came home with several things I've been eyeing, but hadn't been willing to shell out for yet. Oh, the difference a 30% discount makes. It's funny how different percentages have such a big psychological impact. A 10% discount wouldn't get me out of the house, and a 50% would have sent me on a shopping rampage.

A 30% discount gets me this, apparently:
A ribbon dispenser box
This pretty ribbon in a couple of shades
Goodie boxes that will jazz up homemade Christmas candy gifts

Goodie bags -ditto

The sale runs until the 20th, so you've still got a day to hit it up. I guess technically these aren't necessary purchases, but I do so love good packaging and last year I didn't think ahead and was forced to try to make saran wrap look classy. Not an easy task, by the way, and certainly disappointing after I spent hours icing over sized gingerbread cookies to perfection.


  1. love her packaging and I always have some on hand for making and creating gifts to give to special people.
    always comments on the packaging. now i must own that ribbon box!

  2. I want that ribbon box!!!!

    You have a neat blog.....I plan to visit often!

    I am a newbie blogger but I thick it is too much FUN!


  3. so glad you got the ribbon box, it's going to be so nice to have around christmas time!

  4. i could probably spend the entire day looking at all the pretty ribbons at michael's and hobby lobby. that ribbon and dispenser box is awesome! have fun with your new finds!

  5. Martha has a GREAT display in Michaels! One could go crazy spending money!

  6. I could spend a small fortune at much neat stuff!

    I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! I adore cooking (and Martha Stewart) and your blog has been very inspirational!

  7. RATS! How could I miss this!?!? I have been STALKING the Martha Stewart shelves at Michaels for months! Jealous of your purchases!

  8. I love all her packaging items too. It's such an easy Christmas gift for food, and looks so pretty. One year I did a roasted/sugared nut mixture and it was so great to give out.


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