Tuesday, September 9, 2008




And after:


Sorry, these are not the greatest pictures of the new wall, but I was too impatient to share and I took them this morning and there wasn't enough light. I'll probably try to get some better ones at some point and share them instead.


This might be my favorite part of the new wall. I was moaning about the fact that my cherished vintage Dansk dishes were hidden away in a dark cupboard and I suddenly thought about just sticking them on the wall. And D agreed! Impatiently, I wanted to just tack them up any old way, but D convinced me to trace them on newspaper and cut them out and play with positioning them. I like this arrangement because it leaves plenty of room for any pieces I might come across in the future.

I was initially nervous about letting go of the orange wall, because we both really loved it, but I LOVE the aqua (Behr paint from Home Depot in Surfer) and I'm glad I followed my instincts. This isn't completely finished, but it's so close that I'm thrilled. I'll get better pictures and post them in the next couple weeks, when we've made some more headway.


  1. this is the perfect blue! you described it well, but it's even better than i had imagined! i also love how you brought out your beautiful cookware for display, such a great idea.

  2. That blue is lush. I want to swim in it!

  3. adore the new color!! it is absolutely perfect. the cookware on the wall is whimsical and wonderful, too. ;-)

  4. lovely! I am so afraid to paint in my rental. Just because of the time commitment. We have been in our house for over five years and will be here until we [hopefully] can buy next year. I am trying to decide if 1 year is worth painting the living room? Maybe during our [again, sorry] homeymoon? We'll see how motivated we are.....

    Hey....What is that little farnsworth house doing on that coffee table?

  5. i love it. the blue is gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for the love, guys. I'm so happy with it.
    Desert bride - D is finishing up his master's in architecture, so we have models all over the apartment. I believe that project was indeed based on the Farnsworth house. Nice eye!

  7. The new color looks lovely!! Both energetic yet relaxing :) The cookware on the wall are fabulous -- I love the colors, they have an abstract art feel to them, and you arranged them perfectly - with or without tissue paper tracing :)


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