Thursday, September 18, 2008

Black bean burgers

It took me several months of repeated tries before I finally got a recipe for black bean burgers that works consistently, so I don't mind claiming it as my own. I am a huge burger lover, and these ones are hearty enough to satisfy, while still being really healthy.


Black Bean Burgers makes about 10 medium sized patties, enough for 4 - 5 servings


large onion, chopped


cloves garlic, minced or pressed


tbsp olive oil


cups cooked black beans
fresh cilantro, as desired
salt and pepper, to taste
cumin, to taste (~ 2 tsp)
coriander, to taste (~2 tsp)


cup masa harina (corn flour)


eggs, lightly beaten

1. Saute the onion and garlic in the olive oil until soft and tender. Allow to cool slightly and then toss in the food processor along with the beans, the cilantro and whatever spices you desire. Pulse until the mixture is well combined, but not totally smooth. (If you don't have a food processor, you can do this in a bowl and just mash with a fork, but I recommend buying a food processor ASAP. It's far and away my favorite kitchen tool). At this point, you should taste test to see if you need additional salt or spices. I usually add a few dashes of Tapatio sauce for extra heat.

2. Transfer the bean mixture to a bowl and stir in the masa harina (plain flour or corn meal will work if you don't have it) and the eggs. Mix well. If the mixture is too wet you may have to add some additional flour.

3. Shape into patties about the size of a normal burger. The mixture will stick to your hands a bit but it shouldn't be impossible to work with. You'll get around 10 patties, depending on how large you make them.

4. In a large non stick skillet with a little bit of oil, saute the burgers a few at a time over medium heat, until the outsides are browned to your liking and they are cooked through (about 5 minutes per side). The texture is much softer than a regular burger, so you need to be careful when you turn them, particularly in the beginning. Eat as you would a normal burger, which in my case means on a slice of sourdough bread with ungodly amounts of ketchup.

These are really good for you, with about 160 calories, 3 grams of good fat, 5 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein per burger (assuming you make 10 patties). And they are so much cheaper than buying frozen veggie burgers.


  1. these look fantastic and again, i'm all about the recipes that you're posting that i can eat! i've already thought of a bunch of sides that would be the perfect complement instead of a hamburger bun.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Since becoming a vegetarian I have SERIOUSLY missed burgers(not as much as my husband!).

  3. I'm gonna try making these :) I'm wheat-free, which means I can't eat most store-bought veggie burgers!

  4. My husband and I absolutely loved these. Used 2 eggs. Added this with the potato and green bean salad as a side dish


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