Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have a dilemma. Not a life crisis dilemma, luckily, because I can't handle those on Wednesdays.

A shoe dilemma. Specifically, boots. I have absolutely no need of boots, because I live in Southern California. When the weather gets bad, a pair of Converse are more than adequate protection.

But aren't these adorable? And timeless?

I know, I know. They are overpriced at almost $600. Way overpriced. You can get amazing boots for $200. But I've browsed every site I can think to browse and I haven't found anything I like half as much.

They've been going quick online, and aren't available in my size. But there is a Free People store right down the street from my apartment. I could head over there and check it out and they might have my size. Maybe I'll get lucky and the boots will look hideous in person and the whole dilemma will disappear.


  1. i'm a really bad person to talk to when you're deciding about splurging. ;-) go try them on and see if you still adore them. if they are just as (or even more!) delicious in the flesh, see if they can order them in your size. let us know if you get them! xoxo

  2. if they have them - buy them (if you have the money)

    they are beautiful and they are timeless!!

  3. they are quite lovely! although i shouldn't even be making a comment on this one-being in college, i couldn't begin to afford these babies. but they're GORGEOUS so if ya want 'em, get 'em girl!

  4. check out (inside the loop) blog - she posted some time back about boots...
    shop around, but the heart wants what the heart wants!

  5. The color and thick leather of these boots make them stand out. Plus, you get a heel that still looks comfortable! I would definetly go to the FP store and see how you FEEL in them...if you feel great, then go for it girl!

    I'm all about splurging on beautiful pieces that call to you. My entire goal this upcoming year is to purge my closet of things I simply be a smaller, edited version of splurgey (is that a word?) outfits I love.

    BTW, did I know you were in So Cal? Me too! :D

  6. luckily, i've never found a pair of boots that i can zip over my calves, so i have no splurging temptation. but i know you make very wise, educated purchases, so i have no doubt you would get good use out of them if you did buy them.

  7. Hey, I've been looking at a paid of suede Burberry boots that are WAY OVERPRICED at $1025, so don't feel so bad.

    Note: I definitely do not have enough money for them, so my dilemma disappeared the moment I saw the price tag, but if $600 boots are within your means, they ARE cute...

  8. Isn't that a funny thing to hope have happen...that you won't like something in person so you won't feel the temptation to buy it? ;) ON the other hand....those are TIMELESS so you would save $$ in the long run.

  9. excuse me, but boots are absolutely necessary in southern california.
    [spoken by a girl who is no stranger to chucks]


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