Monday, September 1, 2008

Wedding weekend

So the wedding was lovely, which was no surprise. Mercy just glowed with joy, and she was absolutely serene. My favorite highlight of the day? Cruising around strip malls looking for a nail salon willing to take the six of us (including the bride) who didn't manage to get our nails done ahead of time. Good thing there were a lot of strip malls and every single one had a nail salon. We were rejected 4 times before we found a place with a french manicure genius who managed to crank out mani-pedis on the six of us in a mere 45 minutes. I stand in awe of her skills.

And now I can share a couple of the projects I've been working on without worrying about spoiling any surprises.

First up, bridal party shirts. We wanted something to wear while getting ready, so I made a design in Illustrator, ordered some American Apparel v-necks (deep enough that we could pull them off without messing up our hair) and used iron on transfers.


The make up and hair stylists loved them, because I also put each girl's name on the front, which made it easy to call us over for touch ups. Here they are all wrapped up and ready to be handed out.


And the slightly more involved project...little butterflies for the centerpieces! Mercy's location was a lovely old estate, and she wanted a simple garden party effect. I designed several different types of butterflies in Illustrator, had them cut out of thin acrylic on the laser cutter (this is where having an architect for a boyfriend really pays off) and then spray painted them two different shades of pink, with hints of champagne.

Spray painting the lighter pink ones

Showing the scale (keep in mind that my fingers are somewhat freakishly long)

And here are a few of them in action, in the centerpieces designed by Kris. The tables looked magical, with the lights flickering for the whole evening.

Clusters of different vases, each wrapped with different fabrics - so simple and stunning

Other than that, I didn't take a single picture of the evening because I was too busy enjoying it all. Now I have to wait impatiently for the professional photos to come back. The wedding was wonderful, and I feel so lucky to still have my girlfriends from high school in my life - we are all so different, but once you get everyone in the same room you can actually feel the love. Long term friendships are pretty sweet.


  1. Wow! Some really great ideas!!!

  2. How beautiful! I LOVE the shirts you made -- the font selection and color scheme are great! And the butterflies on the pretty...I may have to remember that idea to spruce up some plain jars and candles I have around the house...

  3. Any tips on how to do those bridal party shirts if you don't have Illustrator? I love the design and I am sure I could iron them on, if I had the iron ons... Getting married in September and those would be perfect! Any tips you have would be appreciated!

  4. I just love the butterflies and how you have incorporated them with candles...Exquisite !


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