Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New York re-cap

New York was lovely, although the weather didn't entirely cooperate. We got one super rainy day, and two incredibly hot, muggy days. Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. It's actually pretty easy to summarize the weekend. We visited three museums (MoMA, the Whitney (awesome Buckminster Fuller exhibit) and the New Museum), we spent a lot of time walking around the city and talking, and we did a LOT of eating. Pizza, awesome dumplings, lots of bagels with coronary inducing amounts of cream cheese. I'll spare you twelve million pictures and just share a few.

Pork banh mi - the tofu was also delicious

Rice pudding from Rice to Riches, which has about a million flavors and toppings

We spent Sunday in Red Hook, researching the area for an architectural competition D is working on. We stopped by Steve's Key Lime Pies and proceeded to sit down and dig in (with spoons, because that's all they had available).


There are things you shouldn't share with anyone, and the fact that the three of us polished off an entire key lime pie in about 10 minutes is probably one of those things. In our defense, I'll say it was delicious, and also probably wouldn't have transported well.


New York was lovely (and yummy) and visiting with old friends is always amazing. This was our 10 year friendaversary, so it's only fair that we did it up right.


  1. such fabulous pictures! i wish you would have gotten one crisp and clear day, but it looks like you certainly made the most out of your time regardless. i love how new york has restaurants that cater to one type of food and that rice pudding looks unreal. and for the record, the fact that you polished off that cheesecake even impressed me (that's saying a lot).

  2. sounds absolutely wonderful...and delicious...I love that I am not the only one that centers her vacations around the food....oh and I absolutely adore your photos!

  3. i just found your blog via "you are my fave" and I love love love it!!

    amazing recipes. great pictures. and fun ideas. everything i could ask for in a blog!

    ill be spending my night scrolling through your archives!

  4. How fun!! I think all fantastic trips are based around delicious food :) Your Vietnamese (?) sandwich looks way yummy. I'm glad you had a wonderful time in NY filled with good eats, cultural indulgences, and friendly fun!!

  5. glad you had such a great time! those photos are lovely, and making me hungry :) it may only be 10 A.M. in the morning but i wouldn't be opposed to some key lime pie :)

  6. I *knew* someone was an architect.....

  7. oooh man i love key lime pie. that looks amazing.

  8. food glorious food, live near the city and so wishing we could have met, love your photos!


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