Thursday, September 11, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

By the time you read this, I will be wending my (apparently suspicious) way through airport security en route to New York. I don't know what D and I do wrong, but we never make it through unscathed and on one memorable trip airport security actually confiscated my electric shaver and heating pad out of my checked baggage after interrogating me in the back room. Needless to say, I am packing light this time. I also got D to shave off his beard, which must take us down a least a notch on the security radar.

For the plane (almost making me excited to get on the plane):

We've been to New York several times, so the trip will be extremely low key, focused on eating, drinking, a couple of museum visits, but mostly just catching up with a dear friend who we only get to see once a year or so. I probably won't be back until Tuesday, but I might check in. If you have any awesome recommendations of things I shouldn't miss in the city, let me know!


  1. Haha... When my Mom got to town she started behaving in a way that reminded me of the first story in that book; so I gave it to her to read. I think she is half way through it by now and we can barley get her nose out of it! I miss the Brazilian pocket sandwiches we had last time we were there.... I just hunted online and I *think* they were from a place called Caracas in the East Village. Sooooo Yummy.

    Times article can describe better than me

    Have fun!!!

  2. Just enjoy yourself! It's the best city ever. I would say Williamsburg is a must!

  3. Have a fun, safe, and wonderful trip! I always have fun spending an hour in Chinatown, where you can find the most interesting wares for $1 ;)

  4. Oh have fun in New York! So jealous! And report back on the Sedaris book. Always on the hunt for good books...

  5. Thanks, everyone! We had so much fun, and we definitely hit up Chinatown for the best dumplings ever. We never made it to Caracas, although it was on our list. : ( Next time.
    Also, the Sedaris book was great and I devoured it, but not quite as great as his others, in my opinion.

  6. I swear, my boyfriend gets stopped a lot, too. He thinks it's because he travels so much for business & any frequent traveler ends up on some list somewhere. Sigh.


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