Friday, September 5, 2008

He's here!

Not to overwhelm you with posts on a Friday afternoon, but I couldn't resist sneaking this one in.
My new (to me) dining set was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday and I'm in love. I had to dress him immediately. And it turns out that the Ikea fabric I bought a couple weeks ago is exactly the perfect size (even has selvage down the long ends on both sides, so all I have to do is a quick hem on the short ends) and the table is the perfect show case for the fabric's large print. Score.

Sorry for the wrinkles - I was too busy loving the table to bust out the iron

I never realized how uncomfortable my old dining room set was until this guy arrived. Our dining room was basically a dead space, because we never sat there. But now... I'm not going to eat dinner at the coffee table anymore! I didn't even want to go to work because I was so comfortable sipping my tea here this morning.

Also works well with some placemats I dug out of the drawer and my Ikea vases

If I had known I would love a table so much, I would have sucked up the cost much sooner and gotten one.


  1. wow, I LOVE that fabric! It almost makes me want to brave the insanity and go to ikea:)

  2. wow, i like your dining set!!!

  3. so so so awesome Rachel. oh yeah, i finally whipped out my sewing machine, read the instructions, and was able to sew a sash for a bridal bouquet. i was too proud for words. can't wait to see your new wall!!!!
    xoxo kristin

  4. Yay!! It all looks really great and indeed perfect for sipping tea in the morning -- and the tablecloth is so perfectly serendipitous! I love the movin' and shakin' you guys have going on over at your place!

  5. Love that IKEA fabric - I used it as a quilt back.


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