Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend busy-ness

What did I do this weekend? Besides a huge amount of running around, long visits with family on Saturday, and trips to Ikea, we managed to re-paint the wall.


No pictures yet, because we're letting it cure before we move all the furniture back in place, and we're currently living among stacks of books.

I also picked up this little cutie while I was at the thrift store getting some old sheets to use as drop cloths.


I've been drooling over enameled colanders at Anthro and Sur la Table, so when I saw this one sitting in Goodwill I snatched it up immediately. $2.99 and it feels like it's better quality than the new ones. And now that our main wall is blue, I think that red accents are going to look great.

My creation

We made a quick trip to Ikea for a lamp and naturally ended up with several other things. Namely this fabric and this cute set of bowls.

The only downside to all this activity is that I am soooo tired and it's only Monday. I think I need a weekend to recover from my productive weekend.


  1. found you via unruly-things.
    i love your blog & your photos are amazing! i'll be sure to check back often.

  2. sounds like a lovely, busy weekend! that paint color is gorgeous, can't wait to see the final photos!

  3. Oh that paint color is fabulous! I'm such a color-phobe when it comes to my apartment. Trying to conquer my fear! Post pics of the finished product soon! :)

  4. AHHHH! I know exactly how you feel! Put up some pics, I would love to see your new wall!


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