Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Black bean salad/salsa

I wish I could tell you where this recipe comes from, but it has been in my files so long that I don’t know anymore. It might be another one from Sunset. It’s really just a throw it together kind of thing, and it is even better a day or two after you make it, once the flavors have a chance to blend.


I usually use a ratio of about 3:1 on the black beans and corn. It’s especially fabulous if corn is in season and you take the time to roast it rather than using canned. Toss in some very finely chopped red onion, diced red bell pepper, chilies of your choice, and cilantro. Add a bit of vegetable oil, and a splash of vinegar along with salt and pepper and you’ve got a nice little side dish. I often add lime juice, but it isn’t totally necessary.

I made way too much for the margarita party this weekend, but I’ll have no trouble polishing it off. Last night I whipped up a super quick dinner for myself with some of the leftovers. A corn tortilla, some black bean salad/salsa, topped with an egg over easy and plenty of hot sauce.


I’m pretty sure that this is one of the things I make that totally freaks D out. He does not get the whole egg and beans combo for dinner, even though he eats huevos rancheros for breakfast and this seems pretty similar to me. Me, I love putting poached eggs in my black bean burritos. If it sounds scary, just try it. I swear it’s delicious.


  1. hmmm I took a huge bite and the egg is dripping down my chin, tastes so yummy. love and egg on anything... and beans, well they are just plain good.
    making corn chowder here.

  2. this looks phenomenal. i was with D prior to seeing this photo, but i know that i could easily make an exception!

  3. Your food photography is to-die-for, lady. Love it. I want to eat my screen. :)


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