Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Impromtu date night

Movie + dinner = fun weeknight date

If you're wondering, yes, I did buy a Chipotle burrito beforehand and sneak it into the theater in my purse. What? You think I should have settled for stale popcorn? Not very likely. You would not believe what I smuggle into theaters in my purse. D wonders why I need such huge purses. Well, it's so I can avoid paying astronomical amounts of money for crappy food. Oh, and because you never know when you might need dental floss, tweezers, napkins, lotion, paper to write on or a book to read. Also, they are cute.

P.S. The movie was awesome. We're ordering the soundtrack. The light was gorgeous. Some of it was out of focus and I'm not sure if it was out of focus in an artistic way or if there was actually a problem with the projector. I was afraid to ask because I am not nearly artistic enough and I didn't want to embarrass myself. And I am determined to grow my hair out again and somehow make it curly-ish.


  1. I am a fellow stuff-your-purse-with-???? for the movies. I loved going with friends to an early movie and having lunch!

  2. a burrito??? i mean, i've heard of sparkling waters some candy perhaps, but that's impressive. i'm glad you liked the movie. i want to see it, but i think i'd be terribly jealous of the perfection that is penelope and scarlett.

  3. Just discovered your blog, loving it! As for movie goods, I have never smuggled in a burrito, but color me impressed! I have snuck in a bottle of screw-top wine before, and candy of course.

    Want to see that movie, I'd heard nothing but good things!

  4. I really, really need to see this...perhaps with a burrito?

  5. Nothing wrong with it! I have seen old ladies pull out full meals during on an early Wednesday show.

    I agree that movie food is so expensive.Popcorn and a soda should not cost 7 bucks.

    I wonder how much longer before movie theatres start to check all oversized bags! LOL.

  6. Your grow out hair curly-ish look solution: wash your hair atnight before you go to bed... braid it from scalp in several small braids... turn the ends up with rubber band... unravel and voila curlish!

  7. this is a woody allen's movie, right? i adore woody allen!


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