Thursday, September 4, 2008

New member of the family

This guy is coming to live with us...

Photo from the Ebay listing

We captured him in one of those rare (for me) Ebay moments that actually work. We've always meant to replace our dining room table, which was a hand me down that didn't really go with the rest of the apartment. We've always loved Danish modern pieces, but the love got amped up 1000 fold when D scored two cute Danish modern chairs out of the dumpster last month. (To be honest, they were next to the dumpster, rather than inside, and the reason I haven't shared them is not because I am embarrassed to date a guy who digs through dumpsters but because they are currently at my parent's house, getting some much needed TLC before I re-upholster them).

During the long weekend we excitedly made the trek out to a guy that imports and refinishes Danish modern pieces. The warehouse was unbelievable - stacks of gorgeous furniture just waiting for a good home. Unfortunately, the pieces are perfectly restored, and we simply can't afford that level of craftsmanship at this point. We would have been talking at least $900 for a table plus an additional $600 for 4 chairs, which is reasonable for pieces this beautiful, but so not within our budget.

Instead, we (and by we, I mean D) continued the hunt on Ebay and Craigslist. We snagged this set for $700, which was a little more than I was planning on spending originally, but considering the fact that we could have easily dropped $400 on a table from Ikea, I'm happy to live with the price, especially knowing that it should hold its value pretty well. It isn't exactly the piece we were looking for (hoping for teak rather than rosewood, and completely concealed leaves) but we love it, and the chairs are absolutely perfect.

I'm so excited to have an extendable table that we can actually seat people at comfortably. Having four chairs is great, because we will have the two additional dumpster-rescued chairs at our work space, and they can be moved over for a charming, mismatched dinner party. Love.

Table extended

The chairs (I love how they look so personable in this shot, like a group of people - am I crazy?)


  1. Great find! I can't believe the set is in such fab condition!

    thanks for your comments! They make my day!

  2. i'm so happy for you...this is going to look absolutely amazing in your place. be sure to take tons of pics once it arrives :)

  3. Beautiful set! Congratulations! it will add so much to your dining experience. i could see a big grin on your face.

  4. Rachel -- congrats on the score! I love the entire set, and no, you are not crazy -- the chairs look like a very friendly group of people :) Please do share the photos once they are home sweet home!

    Oooh...I can't wait to see the dumpster-rescued chairs in their full glory :)


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