Monday, October 25, 2010

Mini banners for Halloween

I don't do a lot of Halloween decorating but I love adding a few simple touches to the house, especially if we're having people over. This simple project doesn't take up much time and can be used in a couple of different ways.


You'll need:
The PDF (provided here)
A color printer
Plain white paper (8.5x11")
Card stock in your choice of color (8.5x11" or larger)
Spray glue (or a glue stick)
A small hole punch (I used 1/8") or a sturdy needle
String or thread in your choice of color
Chopsticks or bamboo skewers (if using as food toppers)


1. Print the PDF in color, on a plain piece of paper.

2. Glue the printed paper to the cardstock, plain sides together (I always prefer to use spray glue, but if it's too messy for you, a glue stick will work just fine)

3. Cut out the circles you want to use (three options are provided "happy halloween", "trick or treat" and "boo!")

4. Using a small hole punch, punch out two holes near the top of each circle. I didn't worry about keeping mine precise and it still looked fine. Thread your string through each circle in order, to spell out the phrases. (You could also use a sturdy needle and thread for this part).

5. Hang the banners wherever you'd like. I tied the ends of the strings to chopsticks and used them to fancy up a plate of cupcakes. For a more permanent decoration, I taped the ends of the strings to the back of an empty picture frame and leaned it up against the wall.

"trick or treat" banner


Spray glue is the best option when you're working with paper. It dries instantly and it won't warp your project. It is messy, so I only use it outside, and I throw down an old sheet to protect everything around me. You only need to spray one side of whatever you're gluing together.

When you're cutting out the circles, don't worry about being perfectly precise. The black border is wide enough that you can cut into it a bit without the irregularity being obvious.

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