Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday flowers (early and rambly edition)

The tail end of the garden roses (I think), waiting for me at my parents' house last weekend. I arranged them, loosely.

garden roses
{garden roses}

They're so fully bloomed that they start to fall apart after a day or two and require careful handling. I didn't dare transport them by car, so I left them. Knowing they exist is good enough.

And I do know that it's Thursday, not Friday. Sorry if I faked anyone out. I feel a little drained this week and my mind is scattered and I don't have anything useful to contribute. Here are some random bits and pieces that don't really deserve their own posts but are taking up my head space ...

I'm trying to reduce the amount of carbs I eat this week as an experiment and I've discovered that I basically live for carbs. As in, if I know carbs are off limits for random snacking then I will just throw up my hands and decide I'm not really hungry, even if I am. Crankiness ensures. Note that I'm not crazy enough to attempt to eat no carbs at all, I'm just not adding superfluous bread and crackers to my day and even that is hard. Luckily it's just for one week. I'm a wimp. How do people do this for extended periods of time?

We had a cold snap! It felt a little like fall. So naturally my head starts spinning and it kind of hurts to have to listen to my inner thoughts because they are alllllll over the place. They go something like this ...  Halloween decorations - maybe I should do that this year. Thanksgiving menus - what new vegetable recipes should I try out? Oh, Thanksgiving table decorations - need to strategize. And then Christmas cookies! How far ahead should I plan out my baking schedule? I need to look up recipes and make a spreadsheet. Where am I going to put the Christmas tree? Maybe I can sew some new ornaments for it. When will the pumpkin spice latte come back to Starbucks? I want to make a wreath for our front door this year. I want to make pumpkin cupcakes for Halloween. I want to design a stamp to make some new holiday tags. I think our Christmas music collection needs some updating. I should go check out CDs. It's cold enough to start crocheting again - I should make a neckwarmer, a thick one with lots of bobbles. I should find some new slow cooker recipes. We should go apple picking soon. An apple tart would be really good right now. Oh my god, why am I not eating carbs?  My inner thoughts clearly need some wrangling because I'm having a really hard time focusing with all the racket in there.

Yes, I complain incessantly about stores jumping the gun on the holidays, but mentally I'm right there with them. The first sign of cold weather and I'm off and running. Which is ridiculous considering that the forecast for Sunday is eighty. nine. degrees. We're swapping our summer and winter comforters at least once a week at this point and I wish the weather would make up its mind.

I just find fall to be such a productive time. It's cozy inside and I'm motivated to curl up and work on big projects for hours on end. Turning on the oven feels comforting instead of death inducing. The only downside is the lack of light for pictures, but it's not a bad trade off. Is anyone else feeling the urge to push forward into fall/winter? I think I'm ready. Now.


  1. Autumnnnnnn! My landlord turned on our heat yesterday and it's *marvelous.*

    Re carbs: I had to cut out simple carbs for an extended period, so learned a lot about what I can live without vs. what's key comfort.

    1. I limit pasta and rice. If I'm going to make pasta or risotto, I make sure plenty of vegetables are involved.
    2. I live in New York, where bagels are a Core Tenet, but cut it down to a bagel a week. I call this day "Bagel Day" and celebrate it with streamers and a large parade.
    3. Limiting cookies and (my nemesis) doughnuts. Or eating all of the cookie dough in one sitting--this way, it cannot taunt me from the freezer.
    4. Bread and Mac&Cheese: I don't keep them around. Ever. I cannot be trusted to use them responsibly. Exception? Homemade bread.
    5. I remind myself that if I'm really actually hungry, I can eat an apple. Sometimes this works.

  2. I'm feeling a bit scattered too, so your rambling hit home. :)

    My boyfriend and I baked a big batch of pumpkin whoopie pies last night, which will put you in the autumnal spirit like nothing else, and we're going to a creepy backwoods haunted house this weekend. So, holidays? Bring them on.

  3. Rachel, I like how your little ramblings really help you to seem like a real person.
    And it's nice to "get to know you" a tad bit :)

  4. The crispness yesterday and the day before was *just* what I needed to get excited about fall. I wasn't there yet without the weather b/c I was still waiting for the real summer to arrive. Now all I can think about is fall clothes and hot bevs.

  5. The pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks... and I agree with Becca's comment! :]

  6. Your thoughts sounds very familiar, I know how you feel!

    Supposedly, after you go two weeks with limited carbs, you crave them less, if you can make it that long.

    Here in DC at least, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already out!

  7. Yes I am totally with you. I have constant dialogue playing in my head, very similar to yours although a little more ridiculous. The carb thing is difficult. What helps me when I cut out carbs (especially when I cut out meat) is a smoothie with greek yogurt in the morning to keep my full, and some type of dish involving quinoa at lunch. I guess quinoa counts as a carb for you so maybe some type of protein? I dunno. It's hard. Carbs are so good. And the more I try to cut them out, the more I want them as well, so I try not to consciously limit myself. Oh look I'm rambling more than you...

  8. *I meant especially since I don't eat meat.

  9. me thinks we need to plan a day at the spa sometime will help all those little thoughts fade right away. but yes, i'm ready for fall with open arms and will be your apple picking buddy anytime you want.

  10. oh goodness. that's a lot of racket. and boy do i understand, it feels like a roller coaster has taken up residence in this little head of mine sometimes. sometimes it feels better just to let it all out--before the paralysis sets in. hoping this weekend gives you some space. and soon, some pumpkin cupcakes!

  11. I'm so jealous that you still have garden roses. My died out a few weeks ago. And up here in Portland the Pumpkin Spice latte is felt like it came out too early this year. I was still in a summer mindset when it came out.

  12. I agree with what Becca said, it's nice to see that you're just like the rest of us. :)

    I have been having the very same never-ending thoughts running through my head here lately. October usually kicks that in gear due to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all so close together.

    I started making my Christmas shopping list 2 weeks ago and started looking for Thanksgiving recipes as well as Halloween decorations.

    So I feel ya girl!

  13. Lol, oooh my goodness lady! Try having a carb breakfast like oatmeal with a bunch of fruit on top. That should keep you full and craving-free for a long time. :)

    And I'm so with you on the weather. I'm ready for it to stay chilly! :)

  14. As soon as the temperature dropped below 100 for several days in a row, I started feeling ready for fall. Which is unusual for me. But I know what you mean - now that we're having pretty crisp weather regularly, I'm ready for warm-&-coziness.

  15. You guys are the sweetest, really. Thanks for all the suggestions on low carb strategies. This week was sort of a trial run, just to see how it feels. I'm still working it all out, so every suggestion helps.

    I'll have to check and see if Starbucks here already has the pumpkin spice latte, since so many of you have already seen them! I have to admit that I don't go to SB regularly, so I always have to remember to check around this time of year. The PSL is never as delicious as I think it will be, but I really love the IDEA of it, and the fact that it signals fall.

    Glad to hear so many of you are on the same page, re: anticipating the holidays. It makes me feel a little better about getting started with my holiday projects, so prepare for some posts on those.

    And thank you all for greeting my ramblings with open arms.

  16. I've been making myself make my own bread when I want it and that keeps me in check, though root veggies are offering all kinds of temptation right now! Other than that I just strive for balance as I'm very susceptible to extremes of diets and exercise etc and my problem is more about finding 'normal'.

  17. I'm totally ready too. Give me fall! This LA weather has been ridiculous. Thank Thor I'm escaping to Mammoth this weekend.

  18. Replace the pumpkin spice latte with a peppermint mocha and you've nailed my thoughts for the past two weeks or so. The LA weather if certainly not helping, but I'm just going with it and decorating for fall anyway.

  19. The cold snap did the same for me. Immediately, I planned to dig out all my boots and sweaters! Alas, it is already sunny again.

  20. I love this rambly post! It's refreshing to know others have similar ruminations, especially about carbs and holiday planning. I'm definitely ready for fall, my favorite time of year, and I 100% agree with your last paragraph. I have my fingers crossed that LA weather gets its act together for you!

  21. OMG I feel the same way you the EXACT same words! As a matter of fact, I would love to use your words, if you don't mind!! Everything you said, I feel right now!

  22. I agree -- I'm ready to cozy up with my crochet hook and some good wool yarn, too! bring on the fall.

  23. i understand exactly how you feel. i grew up eating pasta and risotto practically every night, so when i try to limit my carbs or in the past when i've (gasp) gone cold turkey, it never goes well. i get frustrated and super grumpy. i do realize i feel more energetic and better in general when i limit them though. i'm in the northeast and the pumpkin spice latte has been here for at least a month. i'm not a big starbucks fan, but that thing is my dark master. i've had it a few times a week for the last few weeks. yay, fall!

  24. Amen to this post! Joe is on the Paleo Diet, which means the only carbs he gets are the ones in vegies and fruits. He feels phenomenal. I am taking a less extreme route- I can eat meals with SOME carbs (no more baguette and butter for lunch) during the day, but at night I cook paleo for me and Joe. I find that I'm much more satiated at night, and have less of an urge to do late night snacking.

    Excited for the winter dream tea at Coffee Bean! Excited to wear my pumpkin orange sweater dress (if it still fits my belly) with boots and tights. Yay for Autumn!

  25. WOMAN! I am right there with you, if that makes you feel any better. I have fallen into a secret chocolate chip cookie affair since discovering a tiny bakery in the nearby village that makes them. A few things: 1. The presence of chocolate chip cookies in rural India are a thing to be celebrated, comma, eaten. 2. This means that I obsess over them constantly and sometimes take secret trips to the secret bakery. 3. I get fussy and cranky when I go too long without these cookies. Sigh.

    O Lord give us strenf.

    Sending you low-carb hugs. xo.

  26. This is the BEST time of year so of course your mind is reeling! Gorgeous flowers.


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