Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lace tape

Crafting borne of desperation can sometimes be the best kind. There I was, sitting at my computer with $80 worth of Japanese washi tape in my shopping cart. Trying to convince myself that I'd been thinking about purchasing it for a long time, it would be so useful in so many places, the holidays are coming up and I'm sure it will come in handy, really it isn't that much money ...

On the other hand. $80. for. tape. That's kind of hard to justify. Yes, I could have picked a couple rolls. If I had any restraint. Instead, I made lace tape.

lace roll
{lace roll}

 I feel almost silly mentioning it, because it barely qualifies as a craft. Take some lace trim*, preferably about 3/4" wide and a variety that doesn't have large holes in the pattern (mine was mesh with embroidered designs). Get a roll of double sided tape (I used poster tape) - you want the kind with paper covering one side. Lay your lace out on a piece of wax paper (otherwise it might stick to the table) and then start adhering the tape to it, sticky side down, paper side up. Press down and smooth it out with your fingers, to make sure the lace is securely attached. 

lace tape
{lace tape}

Now you have a roll of lace tape. When you want to use it, cut off a piece, peel up the adhesive backing (carefully, so as not to separate the lace and the tape) and stick it somewhere. Press firmly to get it to adhere. I made a 12 inch piece to start with and I've just been cutting bits off as I want to use it.

I'm loving it, but in all honesty I'll probably still buy myself some washi tape. Just maybe not $80 worth.

*Olivia Rae asked about my source for lace trim in the comments, and I realized I probably should have shared it! I have a great collection of vintage and new lace trim that I picked up at a local fabric store that specializes in bridal fabric (Fabric Land, for those of you in the Orange area). Most of it is fairly inexpensive - some of the older ones I got were less than $1 per yard. I wouldn't do this project with anything that cost more than $5 a yard, because good lace is precious. If you need an online source, M&J Trimming is usually a good bet, although you could probably find better deals in person and you wouldn't get stuck paying for shipping. I think that this 3/4" Cluny lace trim would work really well and it's $2.98 per yard.


  1. I LOVE this. I'm not really the crafty type, but this is the kind of thing that would be so useful for me (and is doable)! Where do you find your pretty lace?

  2. this SO qualifies as a craft and i think the less work, the better (especially when the outcome is so gorgeous)!

  3. My etsy cart is full of washi tape right now! I love this idea.

  4. What a GREAT idea. I've had many a time where my cart was full of way too much washi tape. I never thought about using double sided tape with lace, but I will definitely do so in the future!

  5. Ooo that's a great idea. I'm starring this entry for the future. I put things in my shopping cart and will wonder if I want it or not. But once I do that 3 or 4 times for the same item, I decide to just get it. Obviously you want it.

  6. genius. sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

  7. Oooh, poster tape! I hadn't thought of that. Very good idea.

    (Washi tape is so tempting! I'll probably give in this Christmas and buy a few rolls.)

  8. TOTALLY a craft!! and it so frickin cute!!

  9. I love it! I think you could do the same thing with lengths of ribbon or other fabric.I recently came across this tutorial which seems to accomplish a similar objective.

  10. @ olivia rae - I have a huge selection of lace trim (some vintage) that I picked up at a local fabric store that specializes in bridal fabrics. Mine are mostly inexpensive (I wouldn't do this project with anything that cost more than $5 a yard and some of mine were just 75 cents a yard!). They had an off the charts selection, but lots of regular fabric stores have a lace trim section.

    You can find inexpensive lace trim online as well, although I haven't tried ordering any. M&J Trimming has a decent selection, here.

    @ Life is fun Here - Thanks for sharing that link! I love the idea of fabric tape and I think I have some modge podge lying around, somewhere. I have so many fabrics that would be fun as tape.

  11. You can also make fabric/ribbon/lace tape using a baby xyron machine.
    Love the lace tape so sweet!

  12. That's such a lovely simple idea :)

  13. This lace tape is so beautiful - it would seem a shame to have to throw it away though!

  14. I'm lace-addicted!!This is a simple and gorgeous idea!! Soooo stylish! Thanks for sharing!
    Ps: I heart your blog!

  15. such a great idea...if i am using lace, i just glue or tape the piece i use. how great to have it done and on hand

  16. Great idea! It looks very pretty! Thank you for sharing this with your readers!


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