Thursday, October 2, 2008

Work in progress - THE QUILT

*The oh so sweet and talented Patricia of PVE Design featured me on her blog today! Drop by to see the kind post and drool over her beautiful works of art.*

You all are so clever, noticing that all those bits of fabric must mean a quilt is in the works. And it is. Which means I am currently eating my words.

See, back when I first started talking about getting a sewing machine my mom got excited (I think she had just about given up hope that either of her daughters would ever want to learn to sew) and I very firmly told her "NO QUILTS!" I love my mom's quilts, and they are true works of art, but work is the operative word here. I could see myself making bags, or even clothes, but not quilts.

Fast forward to the present. My mom took me to her favorite quilt store, and they had instructions out for the simplest of quilts - all squares and rectangles, very retro, done with 1930s style fabrics. I swooned. My mom offered to let me raid her gorgeous fabric collection to help get me started. And I gave in.


The quilt is going to have a white background, and the overall effect is muted rather than bold. I'm in love with my great grandmother's old handmade quilts, all worn and subdued from years of washing, and I'm hoping this looks a little bit like them.


Chain stitching saves a ton of time, because you feed lots of pieces through and then snip them apart afterwards, allowing you to work continuously.


Plus, it makes a cute little banner-like chain of pieces before you cut them apart. Fun. Now I want to make a fabric banner.

I'll continue to update on the progress. My mom would make this quilt in an afternoon, but it will undoubtedly take me several weeks.


  1. I love it :) The whole process is quite exacting, but I'm positive it'll be beautiful in the end!

  2. I cannot believe this... I am actually tempted to make a quilt now.
    After seeing your exquisite fabric squares, I am closer than ever to making the move out of my no-sewing comfort zone.
    Thanks for inspiring me, and I wish you the best of luck as you pursue the impressive feat of finishing a quilt. Looks fabulous already!

  3. WOW - makes me want to take up sewing!!

  4. It is going to be gorgeous! I love all the 30's prints. I know, there are some people who can just pump out quilts in no time. It takes me forever.

    By the way, the steel-cut oats thaw so great in the microwave... I mixed them with some mango I pureed for my daughter, and it looks so good, I want to eat it too!

  5. i absolutely adore all of those feminine patterns. they'll undoubtedly make a beautiful quilt you'll have for years.

  6. holy crap!
    this is going to be awesome.

    someone made us a quilt as a wedding present. it is amazing.

  7. Came over from PVE to say hi. HI! Love the quilt swatches and love your blog. I'll be back often.

  8. How are you going to quilt it!? Now I'm itching to go to a fabric store. Or I should probably dig out quilts I've started and never finished first...

  9. I am so, so very impressed that you can do this. I want you to teach me.

  10. I can't wait to see the step-by-step of the quilt! It is beautiful!!
    This reminds me growing up when my one sister and I took a sewing class to make a lonnng story short the instructor begged me to ask my mom to put me in something else to fill my time during the summer! I guess I held the title of jamming queen! Everytime she walked away I jammed the machine!! This has skirted me away from sewing until recently I have been thinking of buying a sewing machine to give it a try again.
    Keep us posted!

  11. oh will be worth the time and effort...I am already on the edge of my seat...

    I can't think of a better gal to be featured on Patricia's beautiful blog...

  12. Oh what fun, I can just picture you at the machine with something yummy on the stove and nice music in the background. You leave me inspired.

  13. R- please add a tag on your to-do list. See my post today as I have tagged you to list 6 quirky things.

  14. Ohhh what pretty fabric! I made a quilt with my Grandma last Christmas and it was a lot more fun than I expected. I thought quilting was a stuffy old lady activity, but I'd like to get into it. And they're so fun to give away as gifts!

  15. This is so amazing! I can't wait to see the finished masterpiece.

    P.S. Cute glasses :)

  16. How exciting! The fabric pieces you have chosen are delightful - and they will look so charming against a white background.

    The fabric banner is so happy :) That's a great idea for leftover pieces.


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