Friday, October 17, 2008

(Not) Eames

I just realized I haven't shared one of our new furniture acquisitions. No, in case you are wondering, I don't run around buying new furniture constantly - it just sounds like that. I do think about it (and talk about it), but I have some restraint.

This piece doesn't even count, because it was free. D has had a serious craving for an Eames rocker.
He wants a chair like this, but without the molded arms and in a different color

But there is no way we can currently spend close to $500 on a chair that we don't even technically need.

Then one day he came home with this...


He got it for free from school, because it had broken off the base (he fixed it). It's Eames-ish, no? The original intention was to buy a rocker base on Ebay (~ $90), but I fell for the way it looks with it's old school fold up writing surface. I'm not sure that D is totally convinced, but we're trying it out.


I put the surface area to good use last weekend - no need to precariously juggle tea, buttered toast and a book all at once. Plus, it's right by our glass sliding door, which makes it a very nice space to sit and soak up afternoon sunlight.


  1. it's a nice little nook, but unlike squishy sofas, it has a sturdy place to read, which i love. it also looks great contrasting against the wall!

  2. Ooh! Free is always good! I feel as though I can learn to love something if it cost me nothing at all...and I agree with Emily about the serendipitous color.

  3. i like it! and that last photo takes me back to the middle school days. and of course, the blue color is fabulous :)

  4. I love it! Not just because it was free and now lovingly fixed, but because it is indeed Eamesish and so practical :)

    What a great addition to your home!

  5. Rachel I like the chair. How many people have this chair in their home? I think it is perfect and serves double duty and a great conversational piece.

    Have a golden weekend!

  6. hahaha. architects and their chairs.

    my mother in law offered to buy us a new chair last time she was visiting us [cause we have so few; cause i am so snobby about chairs that i would rather have none than ones i don't love] and I politely declined. [galloping off to DWR or some overpriced mid-century haven was not in the cards...]

    one day, we will have bertoia chairs.

    also, i like this chair.

  7. I just discovered your blog (thanks to Emily!!) and it's absolutely lovely! Even though it's barely 9am here, I couldn't stop looking at all the food pictures and recipes, it's killing me! You are an amazing cook, and you take great pictures too. I'm definitely adding you to my favourites and I'll keep checking for updates. And I can't wait to try some of your recipes, thanks for sharing :)

  8. perfect spot for writing or doing a little work.
    love the color.

  9. Those colors look fantastic together...enjoying your blog!


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