Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marmol Radziner - Palms house tour

The new Marmol Radziner pre-fab house is beautiful, which isn't surprising. D and I thoroughly enjoyed wandering through it, D making notes about the sliding door mechanisms and me ogling the collection of Heath ceramics on display. We toured the factory last year, but seeing the individual units is not at all the same thing as seeing an entire house put together.


Neither of us found the outside to be particularly striking, but that doesn't make any difference once you step into the house.

This particular house is 2800 square feet, which is palatial compared to our apartment, but relatively restrained in terms of Southern California architecture. It certainly makes the most of the square footage - it is brimming with storage. There are built in closets everywhere. It's an obsessive organizer's dream. The kitchen has open shelving (perfect for showcasing beloved pieces) but plenty of enclosed storage as well.


The detailing is lovely too. Check out this adorable bathroom, complete with mini subway tiles in a very sunny yellow.


One of my favorite parts? The amazing breezeway entertaining area, with a large table, a lounge area, and a fireplace. If I had this house, I would do nothing but throw summer evening dinner parties.


Sigh. The thing is, pre-fab isn't all that affordable yet. This house is 1.3 million, and that doesn't include the land to build it on. We're definitely apartment bound for the indefinite future.


  1. i don't know much about architecture, but this house is ridiculously stunning. i've always wanted a fabulous, over-the-top bathroom and i think this is it.

  2. ohhhhhh. i need this house! isn't it just amazing? i would (practically) kill to have heath tile all over my bathrooms and kitchen. thanks for posting the pics.

  3. Genius! I especially love how they've used a slightly smaller size tile for the bath tub--it creates such a lovely sense of depth, which is what one wants in a tub, after all! Wish I could have seen this one in person. The whole house seems so clean and modern without feeling cold...

  4. i second that sigh.

    and i am so designing shelves like that for my kitchen one day.

  5. This looks a lot like the one we toured in Desert Hot Springs -- maybeit is the same model? I LOVED it, by the way, esp. all of the outdoor entertaining options and all of the gorgeous sliding doors.

  6. that outdoor patio is amazing!! not a huge fan of the bathroom - but with the right accents it has greatness potential. Too bad its so expensive! Cali is way too expensive for me!

  7. I agree, the breezeway is gorgeous. But 1.3 mil is pricey without the land.

  8. Gorgeous! The bathroom is very unique, and I agree with you that the patio would be great for summer entertaining.

  9. oh how I would love to visit...actually moving in would be even better...thank you for sharing.

  10. I love the breezeway and the happy bathroom too! It is a beautiful home!!

  11. I will take this house hands down over any McMansion with those huge foyers of wasted space.
    Space maximization and things organized in such a minimal setting let one get on with living -
    living with less.
    in this market, they will not get that price. keep your eyes open - you can totally do this to another home.

  12. How cool to have jumped at the opportunity to visit this pre-fab structure! There were so many little details I loved!

    I can empathize with the knowledge that we'll be apartment bound for a couple of years yet too!

  13. Yes, this green, prefab home is by the same company that made the Desert House in Desert Hot Springs that Jora said she had toured...Marmol Radziner Prefab, based in Los Angeles. The factory is also local in Vernon, CA. Glad you like it, we love it too!


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