Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You may have noticed a conspicuous lack of cooking on here for the last week or so. Well, I'm having a bit of trouble reconciling with the weather. I'm already in the fall mindset, thinking about boots (didn't buy them) and drooling over Martha's images of roasted root vegetables and hot stews, but Southern California seems to have decided to have the heat wave we didn't get this summer.

I was going to make cornbread and black bean soup last night, but the 98 degree wall of heat that greeted me when I left my office in the evening convinced me otherwise.

So we improvised.


I guess there is an upside to global warming - we got to eat dinner on the balcony and watch the fall light, and we didn't even need sweaters.


I'm making the most of the unexpected weather, but one more week of this and I'm breaking out the crock pot, no matter how hot it is.


  1. I like how your dinners look so simple but so delicious. Please invite me over soon.

  2. what a romantic little dinner! i was so put off by the heat last night that i ended up eating cheerios. yours looks a little better :(

  3. I agree....eating outside is the best part of hot weather!

  4. Funny, a dear friend picked up a butternut squash for me and I am so anxious to roast it in the oven after I finish the batch of oatmeal-craisin cookies even though we are having an Indian Summer Day! How I love your intimate suppers sans les enfants.

  5. Your food photography is marvelous :) It always inspires me to dine in more. Talk about heat wave! I just got in from an outdoor lunch, and I feel like I just left the sauna.

    Keep cool my friend! :D

  6. Interested in a trade??
    You can have my 45 degree-finger and toe- numbing weather and the crock pot dish that I made for dinner last night and I will take your summery evening enjoying a meal on the balcony! Deal? :)

  7. I just found your site via pve - I love your food photography!

  8. Hi Rachel-

    Found your blog via pve design. I love the fact I share some of your passions. I notice a wire terrier is in your family! We have a Lakeland terrier!

    I read quickly through your blog and saw the time I need to run, but before I leave for my appointment-I am adding you to my favorites bloglist!!

    Have a golden day!
    BTW I look forward to trying some of your recipes.

  9. It's so difficult to think "fall" when it's that warm and sticky, isn't it? UGH! We were suffering through the last of our summer weather last week. I was bemoaning the fact that I had taken out our air conditioner, it was so hot!

  10. that's my idea of an awesome dinner, and such gorgeous pictures you took! I'm looking forward to hearing about your crock pot adventures, do you have recipes you can share? I just got a crock pot and have only cooked in it twice, and so far it hasnt turned out all that well...though we are going to use it to heat up nacho-cheese for our housewarming party tomorrow!


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