Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally Friday

I'm glad to see some other coconut lovers out there! I'll post the coconut rice pudding recipe next week.

This weekend I am going to:

*Go to the gem show. It's chock full of jewelry making supplies - I am making a list before I go and only bringing cash. I've learned my lesson the hard way, because last year I fell madly in love with a pricey stand of teeny tiny sapphires and even at a discount, that doesn't come cheap. Em, you are fully responsible for controlling my behavior.

*See Bajofondo at the Roxy! If you haven't already heard them, you must check them out.

*Take a tour of the new Marmol Radzinger house.

*Cook! The temperature is supposed to drop below 70 at some point, so I think I can make a fall-ish sort of meal and get away with it.

Anyone else have good plans for the weekend?


  1. while i support your desire not to spend a lot at the gem show, you know how i get at those things too. i think bringing cash is a great idea so i'll follow your lead :)

  2. Is that the house in Desert Hot Springs? If it is, it's awesome...took a tour last year. If it isn't, I want to check out the new one!

    I am looking forward to some fall weather too (finally!).

  3. Yeah, you girls are going to have one heck of a time :)

    I'm so excited about your cooking this weekend, that should be very rewarding!

    I'm heading north to visit my little sister--she's great with child and I'm so excited to see it in real life :)

  4. the gem show sounds amazing! i'm sure it's a beautiful place to shop :) this weekend, i just bought a kite and am so excited to try it out.

  5. Have a golden weekend! Mmmm... I can't wait for the recipe next week!

  6. I'm making pickled beets and plum vanilla jam for "the wedding." EXCITING friday night.

    I love your yummy foodie posts and the whole blog.

    We are LA neighbors... AND my friend Deja is an interior design for M-R! neat small world.

  7. Cooking up a storm sounds like a perfect idea! The instant the weather gets even a little cool I reach for my this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving so I have to indulge my ex-pat Canuck husband with something "harvest inspired" (he says!) Know any good squash recipes? ;)

  8. Love to go the gem show and that house tour. Taking walks, getting outside, mailing some work, going to NY City, dinner with friends and no soccer.

  9. sounds like a great way to spend the weekend! can't wait to check back in on monday and see what you found at the gem show :)


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