Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekend list

I'm so conflicted on plans for this weekend. I simultaneously want to do a million things, but I'd also just like to lie around in bed and do nothing for a couple days.

On the (tentative and likely to be heavily edited) list:
  • Going to the library to return books and get new ones
  • Sewing (the quilt, plus a couple other projects I have kicking around in my head)
  • Cooking (the weather is finally cooling off a bit!)
  • Catching up on my Netflix rentals
  • A possible visit to the flea market on Sunday
  • Visiting this art gallery exhibit

Photo from Michael Muller, for his Lumiere exhibition now showing at the Guy Hepner Gallery. Dreamy, right? I can't get over the colors.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. even though your list is pretty long, all of the potential activities seem pretty leisurely, so you're likely to still feel rested afterward. nice choices!

  2. I thought about the flea market too, but I didn't go. poo.


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