Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway finale - no spoilers!

I don't know if it was a judgment of season 5 as a whole, or just the result of an unexpected 11 hour work day, but I slept through the entire finale last night. Okay, almost the entire thing. I managed to pry my eyes open occasionally to make small comments. This is my usual strategy for convincing D that I am not asleep when in fact, I am - it fails miserably, because I am usually too tired to come up with comments that make sense. Personally, I think I did better than usual last night, and a brief glance through the picture gallery confirms my suspicions. My half asleep words are about the same as my thoughts this morning.

My thoughts: I still love this dress, even though it is so short. Add another few inches, and I would wear this in an instant.

My words: Mmmmmm....

My thoughts: Wait, why do I feel strangely drawn to this? It's a crazy ruffle explosion. The ruffles are eating her head. It's like an Elizabethan collar. And yet, I love the deep, deep v of the neck line. I like the puffy sleeves. I really like the shape of the skirt. Scale the ruffles down a few notches, and I would buy this.

My words: Ruffles? Are those ruffles?

My thoughts: That's a lot of puffed sleeve going on there.

My words: That's a lot of puffed sleeve going on there.

My thoughts: Oh, Leanne, I love you. Mostly because you are the only one who doesn't drive me absolutely crazy. But why in the world did you take "color palette" so literally? Everything you made is the same exact color. And honestly, it's not even as though you picked a kick ass color. For a wall, yes. For clothing, I'm still not sold. Nevertheless, I love you and I think your wave idea was cool and I hope that you beat Kenley.

My words: Actually, I was so asleep at this point that I didn't even see the collection. Oh well. I have it recorded.


  1. i can't wait to discuss once you actually get around to watching the finale! i thought all of the designers had promising collections, but Leanne's was far and away my favorite. could she have strayed from her wave motif and light blues? most definitely, but i love imagining myself floating around in one of her pieces in the summer.

    oh and one little bit about heath and skor bars? i'd be happy to discuss since i really am confused about the differences between the two candies. hopefully you can clear this up to avoid any more uncomfortable discrepancies in our tastes. :)

  2. You are so cute! I understand about the need to give almost inaudible and almost always incoherent comments after such a long day :)

    I loved the images and the dialog! Thank you :)

  3. this post had me giggling out loud-- which is good because I can always use a laugh but bad because I'm on a train and people are looking at me funny...

    I too am very intrigued by the details of the black and peacock number. I think I might even wear it as is if I had a glamourous red carpet event to attend... You know, in my other life as a stylista philanthropist movie starlette.

    Oh, and my trick for convincing the hubster that I'm not sleeping in front of the tv is to claim that I'm 'resting my eyes.' he has yet to fall for this but I hold out hope.

  4. I just ran across your blog and I am in love! I'm going to try at least two of your recipes this weekend. I look forward to visiting more!

  5. Why do the boyfriends/husbamds care if we sleep through stuff anyway? I always feel like I have to convince B I'm awake too. Once you see the finale, we can discuss.

  6. Rachel- I didn't see the finale either and I forgot to record it! I hope you get to watch tonight and share!

  7. Go LEANN! I honestly loved her collection...the fact that she is a fellow Portland gal just makes it that much sweeter...xxoo

  8. I can't wait to come back once you've watched. Please don't read my blog until you do then I'd love your opinion of my opinion.

  9. I just finished watching my recording of Project Runway, and I appreciate your (sleepy) commentary! The only piece that did it for me in Kenley's collection was the ruffled collar shirt, and I really loved Korto's two white extravaganza pieces. And oh wonderful Leanne...yes, it was a bit overboard on the petals, but I loved it nonetheless :)

  10. Season 5 was kind of a sleeper. I didn't fall in love with anyone but I was happy that Leanne won. And Tim Gunn guest judging? I love him but couldn't they find a celebrity that was sitting on the front row to fill in.

  11. Totally agree, I think her construction was the best, Kenley looks like she was half princess, half grandma's closet. My friend saw Leanne in a Portland restaurant and totally blurted out "LEANNE!" without realizing, apparently she's really pretty in person, and totally nice/down to earth.


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