Monday, August 2, 2010

The weekend, briefly

We had a teeny tiny trip down to San Diego. To be more specific, the old town San Diego state historic park, possibly the most touristy area we can find. It has sentimental associations for us but I have to admit that I'd probably love it anyways. I have a wholly unaccountable fascination with places that look like wild west stage sets. I know. When I was a kid I owned a bonnet. And wore it.


old town SD
{old town sd}

We ate some serious white people mexican food (um, definitely wouldn't recommend actually eating here, but I always manage to forget that in the heat of the afternoon) and then headed over to Balboa Park for some walking and people watching.

papel picado
{papel picado}

mineral and gem society
{mineral and gem society}

Sunday afternoon I got to meet the new baby girl in our crew. She's the first born to my tight knit group of high school friends, so we're all honorary aunts. We took turns holding her and marveling over how calm and collected she is. I'm not one to get all mushy about babies, but she's pretty perfect.

sweet arm
{sweet arm}


  1. those chubby arms...i die! i want a baby in the group soon...soon!

  2. i'm right there with how i feel about babies (i prefer kittens and puppies), but i can only imagine how special it is when it's someone really close to you. and yeah, that arm is pretty ridiculous.

  3. Thank you for sharing glimpses from across the country - and those beautiful chubby arms and fingers.

  4. Looks like a fun throwback weekend. The pictures are spectacular, and the one of her little, chubby arm! *Precious*

  5. yay for babies! i wish one of my friends would have one already.

  6. I love old town SD too! Sometimes it's fun to get touristy. :) And that baby arm shot is so sweet!

  7. i request pictures of you in this bonnet.

  8. I have a soft spot for those Old West-looking buildings, too. Probably why I like driving through pretty much any small Texas town.

    That chubby little arm is irresistible. And being an aunt (or "aunt") is pretty awesome. All the fun of a baby and none of the responsibility. ;)

    I'm going to second Elizabeth's request for a Rachel-in-bonnet picture.

  9. You guys, I would love to oblige you but I am pretty sure there are no bonnet pictures. I will take a look. Also, you're probably thinking I was a sweet and adorable 4 year old when I was wearing said bonnet and that is not the case. I think I was 9 or 10. Possibly 11. Basically, a bit too old to think that wearing a bonnet on an everyday basis was a good idea.

  10. How I miss San Diego... thank you for the virtual trip

  11. ooh i need to hold that baby! my friend is being induced tomorrow!

  12. Thanks for the pics of San Diego. Showed my hubby and asked him where is this western town? Both of us have NEVER seen it, and we live here in SD LOL

    Its great being an aunt and great aunt...enjoy!


  13. so very the photos...they really capture the emotion and space....great site!

  14. aww, old town. I'm grew up in SD and it's still one of my fave places in town, touristy and all. love it.


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