Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The weekend, briefly

Lunch at The Golden State with D, with gelato for dessert (dulce de leche made with porter stout for me, apple pie with actual pie crust bits for him), followed by a walk around the Griffith Park observatory.

the golden state, lunch
{the golden state, lunch}



Brunch with my girls - huevos rancheros + excellent coffee + mimosas.

brunch, eggs
{brunch, eggs}

Packaging up some orders.



  1. Looks lovely. Wishing you a wonderful week!

  2. brunch with friends...gelato...my kind of weekend. gorgeous shots!

  3. LOVE Golden State. Not sure if you've tried their BLT, but it rocks. And I'm not even a BLT person. Also, the beer float...vanilla gelato with stout. Crazy.

    Looks like a great weekend:)

  4. That restaurant looks amazing and brunch with friends sounds so nice. I went through a year of my life as a kid where huevos rancheros was all I would eat for breakfast. I need to get back to the state of luxury all the time.

  5. please don't judge, but i've already recreated our entire brunch since sunday. it was such a great way to spend a sunday morning. xx

  6. How was The Golden State? I wanted to try it before I moved out of LA... I'll have to make a trip back if it's good!


  7. no wonder you wanted to extend the weekend into monday. geez. looked like a lot of fun!

  8. omg i am obsessed with those placemats from your brunch photo! please advise :)

  9. The Golden State was awesome, guys. We split their house burger and fries (to save room for gelato) and it was excellent. Top five in LA, I'd say.

    @ Catherine - I'd love to help you, but the brunch wasn't at my house. Those are my friend's placemats - aren't they great?

  10. i love the glasses used @ golden state! pic looks very inviting!

  11. every food item mentioned sounds like it would indeed make for a perfect weekend.


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