Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday flowers

This is what my oregano looks like sometimes.

oregano flowers
{oregano flowers}

I think you're supposed to keep it trimmed so this doesn't happen, but I love those blossoms.

lavender, oregano
{lavender, oregano}

In other news - I did not kill my lavender! It's back in action, finally.


  1. Rachel, I let things go to flower ALL THE TIME. Even though that's probably frowned up on by the world's Proper Gardeners. It started with the celery and the fennel (so pretty, and the flowers smell amazing!) and now we're onto cabbages (HUGE flowers-- which makes sense if you think of a head of cabbage as a bud) and artichokes (which are like thistles, but HUGE and gorgeous.)

    The world is a generally a better place when things go to seed, even if slightly less edible.

  2. LOVE IT. i need to plant some herbs...

  3. the blossoms really are lovely. it took me a week to snip my basil when it flowered.

  4. Yay! I always kill lavender. These are gorgeous.

  5. yum. i can smell them from here...

  6. oh beautiful. Oregano is really so wonderful. I made a Greek lamb pie with my fresh oregano, and it just looked so pretty sprinkled on top. Yum.

  7. wow i didnt even know oregano could have blossems. they look so beautifull.

  8. Maybe letting them go to flower will allow for some plant procreation and little baby oregano plants! Perhaps you won't need to reseed!

  9. my oregano is in full flower too. I like it.


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