Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jars, update

So I bought some of those jars I was talking about last week. Here are my thoughts ...

32 ounces is not nearly as large in person as it is in my head. These wouldn't work for flour or sugar unless you like to buy those ingredients in very small portions. I can't even use them for nuts, because we buy them in bulk and they are, well, bulky. They are perfect for storing lentils and grains, however.

emma jars, lentils
{emma jars, lentils}

The lids are not super tight fitting, but they have a little gasket so I think they're still air tight. Under no circumstances should you attempt to hold the jar from the lid only. Disaster will ensue.

They are kind of stackable. If you have them against the back wall of the cupboard, they'll be fine. But they aren't exactly meant for stacking, which is sad.

emma jars, in use
{emma jars, in use}

I wrote on them with the sharpie, but this time added some pertinent information to the top of the jar. Cooking ratios, times and serving sizes, for quick reference.


I think I need some of the 20 ouncers for couscous and rice, which I purchase in smaller quantities.They look a little lost in the larger jars.

All in all, they're a pretty solid addition to the kitchen and they're relatively affordable. The 32 ounce jars were on 4 for 3 promotion, so I got 16 jars (4 packs of 4 and yes, I realize that I have a ton of dried goods - this only took care of my grain cupboard) for $54, with free shipping. The 20 ounce version isn't on promotion right now, so I'm holding off for the moment but I'm going to keep an eye on them.


  1. What a lovely blog you have!

  2. I love the look of jars in a kitchen...they just seem so much more inviting than the bags and boxes. I bought some last spring and this post has me wanting more!

  3. i keep my flour in their paper bags because it's true that it's rare to find a jar big enough. if you want to obtain some cheaper jars, start saving salsa and pasta sauce jars to reuse.

  4. Genius idea, writing the directions on the lids!! I store a lot of dry goods in jars as well and am forever digging around for directions on empty bags that I've stashed in a drawer or trying to remember how many minutes to cook which kind of pasta or rice. I can't believe I didn't think of this - THANK YOU!!! I'm happily going to toss a bunch of packaging and get out the markers... :)

  5. i think my mother would find it immensely satisfying that women our age occasionally blog about effective food storage. i know i do - just the phrase "dried goods" makes me feel like laura ingalls wilder, in a good way. an excellent jar report!

  6. Writing on the containers themselves is a great idea. Saves a lot of time in the kitchen, your pantry is going to look fantastic and organized when all is said and done!

  7. The lentils in the jars look so pretty! I also love the idea that you wrote the basic info on the lids...great idea!!!

  8. Putting the instructions on them is a really good idea.

  9. i have a similar sort of setup with my dry goods... but i bought the ikea swing-top lid jars in the various sizes (the largest for sugar, flour, pasta, etc), then worked my way down in terms of size afterwards.

    i love your idea for putting the instructions on them - i'm gonna have to do that tonight!

  10. rachel -- these posts make me a little too happy, as a couple months ago, i reorganized/canistered all of my cupboard contents after a second grain bug problem [sigh]. i am so, so picky about my canisters & it took me a week and about 8-9 stores to track down the "perfect" ones. for baking supplies, i used these great bins from rubbermaid as they reminded me of my mom's huge tupperware containers from the 80s:

    i liked them so much more than any other "fancier" bulk containers, as they stack perfectly and they are see-through [though your ikea containers are similar].

    for my lentils/grains/pasta, i stumbled upon these at target: they come in three really great sizes. i had seen something similar in a magazine & really fell in love with them, so it was pure kismet to have found them at target in the fancy dish/platter section [rather than storage]. also, they are so cheap..! i bought every one my target store had, because they were much cheaper than i was expecting & now i won't have to find replacements later in life, ha. & also, they're stackable. they're in my cupboards right now, but when i have open storage, i'll happily have them displayed -- they make all of the lentils & such look so pretty..!

  11. I made up a cheat sheet for all of my grains and beans from all sorts of instructions all over the internet, Mark Bittman, Alton Brown, etc.. and taped them to the inside of my kitchen cabinet (with lab tape...never leaves any marks!) - it's been great since it really leaves me in a place where I am most likely to make exactly what I want instead of being too lazy to look up the recipe.


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