Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The weekend, briefly

My mom turned 60 this weekend and we normally celebrate her birthday in a big way. Time didn't permit this year, so we forewent the party and made her eat cake for breakfast instead.

the cake, 6 layers
{the cake, 6 layers}

Decade celebrations require more layers (one layer per decade) and I was a bit nervous about this one. Six layers is a lot of cake. Structural integrity becomes an issue. I made three batches of cake and four batches of fudge (recipes here) and enlisted D to be my spotter as I assembled. Total kitchen time was about 6 hours, I think, if you include the break I took while the cakes were cooling. I stuck bamboo skewers through the entire thing and let it set up overnight. We only cut through two layers at a time, because we literally don't have plates large enough to hold a six layer slice. I should have taken a picture with a ruler next to it for scale.

{serving (photo by d)}

Also, drove through Lee*s for pre-baking sustenance (drive through banh mi is definitely one of the reasons I love SoCal),

banh mi
{banh mi}

tried Deb's new rib recipe (killer, but we want to do a bit of tweaking with the sauce),

ribs, remains
{ribs, remains}

went fabric shopping with mom (her stash, not mine),


Circe slept in and almost missed the birthday breakfast,

circe, morning
{circe, morning}

we tried a new taco place and didn't totally love it (but we are really picky, taco wise).

taco miendo


  1. that cake is stunning! i'm so impressed.

  2. Wow, now that's a cake! Six hours is a commitment, but baking a cake like that is so much fun. that banh mi doesn't look half bad, either...

  3. That cake looks unbelievable! That's a lot of chocolate - yum.

  4. Aw, how is Circe doing? We recently had our dog checked out b.c we found a lump on his back but thankfully it was just fatty tissue. I love watching my dogs laze around, it makes me want to climb in bed too.

  5. That cake looks so WOW. I am really considering making it this weekend. My grandmother has recently passed along some of her favourite cake recipes (including the most amazing carrot/pineapple cake with buttermilk syrup) and I'm discovering that I'm sometimes ok with baking that requires more than an hour's effort...

  6. That cake is perfect! And the amazing, high quality 'fast food' in SoCal is amazing. So many options.

  7. What an incredible cake!
    I want to try something like that. Your photos are so impressive!
    I like the simple, clean feel of your whole blog, it's beautiful! Can't wait to check around and see what other gems you have here :)

  8. I am thoroughly impressed by that cake- lucky mama!

  9. Ha that cake is awesome! My best friend once made me a vegan chocolate cake the shape of a pint of Guinness (upright) - so it was top heavy... talk about structural integrity!! It worked though and was tasty!

    Happy birthday to your Mum. Hugs for Circe!

  10. That is one seriously gorgeous cake. Bravo.

  11. i love your tradition of different layers for new decades and i swear if you try the burrito at tacomiendo you'll change your mind :)

  12. now we see where your organizational skills come from. that fabric stash is impressive.

  13. That cake is an amazing creation.
    Everything looks so yummy!

  14. That cake is epic, and I'm jealous of your mom's fabric stash.

    Tacomiendo is quite a clever, punny name for a taco place. Pity it wasn't tastier.

  15. I think I am going to attempt to make this cake for my mom's anniversary this year. I think she would love it. Only 2 layers though, because there is no way I could handle more than that.

  16. wow! that cake is quite impressive. looks delicious.

  17. What an awesome and sweet thing to make for your mom!

  18. @ stephanie - if you are going to tackle the cake, email me! i have tips. i'll add them to the cake post eventually, but i haven't yet.

    @ Kristy - D actually insisted that we try tacomiendo specifically because of the name. he loves puns like crazy.

    @ Em - we wanted to love tacomiendo so badly, but the tacos were totally flavorless (both the meat and the homemade tortillas, which i was super excited about). maybe sunday is not a good day for them? we might have to give it another try.

  19. whoa - six layers. that is a commitment.

    i'm picky about my tacos too. sorry yours were not good.

  20. wow that cake! i made a 3 layer cake once and it was really wonky, that's always a risk with layer cakes but yours looks perfectly perpendicular!

  21. very impressive cake!!!
    happy birthday week to your mom :)

  22. That cake is awesome! I had a four layer cake for my last birthday. It was pink, white, chocolate, white and had pink lemonade icing. It was amazing!

  23. I simply love that idea! I'm gonna use that in my family.

  24. Wow, that's an amazing cake! I'm inspired! I'm going to attempt a bday cake sometime soon and I'm feeling a bit nervous. Sounds like you had a great weekend!


  25. holy crap, drive-through banh mi! where have you been my whole life?


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