Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday flowers

Textured yellow flowers, from a sweet friend. Perfect for the sunny week.


They are sort of velvety to the touch.

yellow + raffia
{yellow + raffia}

In completely unrelated news, I have not yet gotten salmonella, despite eating many, many poached eggs over the last few months, some of which were part of the recall.

When I was little, my dad informed me that I would eventually get salmonella if I kept ordering eggs benedict every chance I got. I considered this, seriously. I decided that a lifetime of lightly cooked eggs and hollandaise sauce was worth just about anything. I'm taking my chances. But also buying more small farm eggs.


  1. these flowers are beautiful, your friday posts always make me want to run to the nearest florist :)

    I agree, but for me its raw cake, muffin or pancake batter thats worth the risk!

    happy friday

    <3 Gina

  2. didn't they ever tell you would also get salmonella from eating raw cookie dough or cake batter? I still say it and sad to think it might actually never be more true than now :(

  3. i love yellow flowers, they add such a happy and sunshiney touch to a place. oh and i'm right there with you on eggs...i seriously could never give them up!

  4. at work, i was tasked with looking into the salmonella thing for an upcoming recipe which features an egg under less-than-robust heat. the conclusion from most of the experts seemed to be that sourcing eggs from small farms, as you mentioned, was forethought enough in most cases. that should make the benedict and carbonara lovers (and the makers of trendy complicated egg white cocktails, who've had a hard time of it here in NYC lately) happy.

    on other food baddies, i've convinced myself that many years of having a cavalier attitude toward food safety (mind you, i'm a vegetarian, so it's not like i'm working with pink chicken or questionable pork) has turned my immune system into a pack of street toughs, able to handle almost anything. the friends i know who are MOST concerned about food-related illness are, ironically, the ones who seem to come down with it most often.

  5. farm fresh eggs - so wonderful.

    love that deep yellow. here is to many more salmonella free days.

  6. i just received three persona beads in the post including one that's deep yellow like that :). its such a warm colour. i love it for the fall.

    im with char. here's to many more salmonella free days.

  7. so pretty! i hope you knocked on wood when you wrote this ;)

  8. Salmonella usually comes from the outside shell, so if you wash your eggs before cracking them open you should be okay. Not sure about the current outbreak but it can't hurt.

  9. The colour is just so perfect! I don't think eggs have ever made me sick. And nothing is better than a farm fresh egg with toast soldiers and real butter!

  10. @ Four Flights - Oh, they definitely warned me about raw cake batter and I ignored them. But my dad is the one who worries most about food poisoning, whereas my mom has never fussed about it (and she's the one who taught me to bake, so raw batter was fair game!).

    @ lauren - That's what I found as well. I was surprised to see that salmonella can be present inside the egg. Ick. But, small farms are best.

    I also am pretty cavalier about food safety and I like to think it's toughened up my stomach. I'm almost unbearably smug about my strong stomach (and will probably eat my words when I eventually pay the price for my sketchy eating ways). It's probably just good genes or good luck, but I like to take all the credit.

  11. Beautiful shots!
    I'm still eating eggs too, but have also switched to the farm fresh variety.
    I think they taste much better anyway!

  12. lovely flowers. i too am enjoying the eggs without much thought of giving them up anytime soon but not sure if i'll be able to find farm eggs as cute as those speckled ones you posted a while back.

  13. very pretty flowers! what a great way to start the weekend.

  14. zinnias right? i saw some growing this weekend and realized i have missed getting fresh flowers from the market, been too busy this summer but i will try to get some zinnias next weekend.

    anytime these salmonella scares happen i am so happy that the majority of my groceries come from local farms and i smugly don't have to worry about it!

  15. this past tuesday night i thought of you. had some homegrown tomatoes and zucchini, one homegrown hungry adult son and some lentils. in less thanan hour i managed to pull off a delicious lentil stew and the finishing touch was i coddled two eggs atop each bowl full. i sprinkled locatelli cheese, cracked pepper and some kosher salt. it was delicious! honestly,between you and deb at smitten kitchen, i don't know who i love more! have a great weekend.

  16. oh how i have missed stopping here for fresh flowers and poached eggs and dreamy sauces.
    cheers dear-

  17. oooh i love these! so pretty...and yes, they look totally touchable.

  18. zinnias! they last forever and ever, too.


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