Monday, January 31, 2011

The weekend, briefly

rain drops
{rain drops}

huevos rancheros, sort of
{huevos rancheros, sort of}


terrier tail
{terrier tail}


for planting
{for planting}

circe, bored
{circe, bored}

circe + d
{circe + d}

byblos baklava
{byblos baklava}

We had a fairly laid back weekend with significantly less running around than the last few, and it was such a nice break. Southern California suddenly remembered that it is supposed to be January and we got a bit of rain. We let ourselves start thinking about wedding projects, which might have been a mistake because now neither of us wants to look at catering menus or rental information. Instead we watched an entire season of Party Down, while playing around with project mock ups. D drew a set of mustaches with such beautiful crosshatching detail that I couldn't bear to tell him he wasn't the first one to come up with the idea of using them as photobooth props. Sadly, he discovered it the next day while searching a wedding blog. Cue sadness. I maintain that you should do whatever you want for your wedding, no matter how played out it might be online. Because the majority of our guests will have never seen a wedding blog, so they won't have any idea. But I still get the sadness.


  1. It's so refreshing that you both are taking part in the wedding planning process! You never seem to hear about that. Also, I think the mustaches are an adorable idea. Although I, too, get that sort of sadness.

  2. You are so lucky that D is into the wedding projects! As an architect I am all over them, but my (totally non-crafty) fiance has no interest whatsoever. Luckily I have an army of crafty girlfriends to help me along (and keep me grounded too).

    I agree that they are the fun part of wedding planning though! Who cares about transportation or seating arrangements!?

  3. Tell D that wedding originality is both impossible and kind of overrated. For one thing, you're totally right about the majority of your wedding guests not reading blogs. Outside of the 'wedding-aged' crowd that is attending 6 weddings this summer, no one else is on top of wedding trends. That said, in 10 years all the wedding trends will be different. So even if 6000 other couples do the same thing as you this year, a few years down the road that thing will seem kitschy and different.

    My mom assures me that everyone had maroon tuxes the year she married my dad, but theirs are the only 1978 wedding photos displayed in the house where I grew up. Thus I assume it's totally unique and (one more) sign that my parents are insane.

  4. I see your huevos rancheros and your plants for planting, and I raise you...a really cold New York winter?

  5. AHhh, huevos rancheros! My favourite! Beautfiul photos, your weekend looks so lovely! xxx

  6. Oh no!! That's the problem with our blogosphere... good ideas quickly become ubiquitous ideas and then overdone and then passe. It's not really played out like that in the real world. In some ways, I hate it and like a slower arc of discovery and longer to enjoy the idea! I say do what makes you happy and screw blog trends!

    I love Circe's tail!!

  7. I watched Party Down this weekend too! That show is awesome. I agree with doing whatever you want and wedding blogs be damned!

  8. i love all of your pics, but my favourite is the top one of the beaded-up water on the window. so lovely!

  9. relaxed and laid back, sounds perfect.

  10. Totally agree. You are getting married for yourselves, and your close friends and family. They are what matters and not the wedding blog world. I forget that so many of my friends do not read blogs, hence have no idea about photobooths, etc.
    Happy planning!

  11. such a sweet post. i definitely get the sadness. and definitely second the opinion that you should go for the mustaches, regardless!

  12. Ha! We do the same thing with getting sad about realizing that our ideas have been played out on wedding blogs, even though we try to tell ourselves exactly what you said.

  13. screw blog trends, do what makes you happy!

  14. that terrier is very cute! looks like a nice weekend! Dayle

  15. ohhh my gosh.
    what all do you have in that huevos rancheros? looks like the most delicious thing i've ever laid eyes on.

  16. There is *nothing* new! Go with what makes your hearts(s) skip a beat. Weddings are so much fun...they're fewer and far between for me these days and I'm always beyond thrilled when an invitation comes around. You will surprise and delight more people than you know with yours.

  17. Eff wedding sadness. Just pretend wedding blogs don't exist. I bet you guys would OWN the wedding-mustache-photo-booth-prop!

  18. Love the Rain Drop Photo. The one of Circe + d is cute too.

  19. such beautiful photos! and your pup couldn't be any cuter!

  20. Aw, D and the wedding prop staches story is soo cute! Also, that breakfast looks amazing, and it's making me hungry.

  21. @ Katrina - the huevos rancheros was just a corn tortilla, toasted over the burner + cuban black beans (we buy ours from TJs - they're just spiced black beans) + a fried egg on top. I added avocado and we both used tapatio sauce as well. Yum. D makes these for us on the weekend.


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