Friday, January 28, 2011

p.s. (mini wedding planning update)

We are still deep in the thickets of wedding planning, the NOT FUN part. We are keeping focused, spending inordinate amounts of time looking at venues and caterers and doing cost comparisons. I think we almost have a place nailed down (fingers crossed times one million) but I'm getting more and more desperate to start on the fun stuff. FONTS! STREAMERS! TISSUE PAPER! I'm totally sick of the logistics (and normally, I'm all about anything you can put in a spreadsheet).

So we're taking a tiny break. Apparently, you are supposed to have inspiration photos* to show people, so they know what you're thinking. We have none. We are wedding failures. So tonight, we have a six pack of Raging Bitch IPA,** two laptops and a mission. Will report back.

* Actually, we are supposed to create a "storyboard" and we had to look up what that meant. Because I was pretty sure that they wanted an actual storyboard - you know, frames that show what happens when. So we'd start with us setting up the site and then move on to getting ready and then show the aisle walk, etc. I was so confused, because I figured that was pretty standard and wouldn't require actual illustrations. And neither of us is great at drawing. Thank god for Google. Turns out a wedding storyboard is just another name for an inspiration board, which is those collages of pictures that you see on all the wedding blogs. Which makes more sense in the context of the request.



  1. My wedding is in April and I am not good a planning and logistics so I completely understand. Thank heavens for my MOH. But I found this site ( very helpful in gathering all of my online inspirations. And you can email the link to vendors. Hope this can help!

  2. I LOVE Raging Bitch, I even found it as far as Borough Market in London!

  3. Go you!

    I am in that horrible stage too, but tonight is for watching crap films and drinking too much wine and pretending we're already married.

    Good luck.


  4. Ha! I guess that in LA they assume that everyone knows what a storyboard is.

  5. wow, a storyboard is a little intense...unless maybe you wanna do a jig down the isle...hmmm, nah!

  6. Sorry, guys! I should have clarified - I thought they wanted an actual storyboard, but it turns out "wedding storyboard" is just another name for "inspiration board" which is basically just a collage of pictures you like. Much simpler.

  7. eff storyboards and inspiration boards and all that junk.

    buy stuff you like and throw a party with it all.

  8. 1. you should do whatever the hell you want to plan your wedding :) if you want to bring in crayons to show the colors you like, do it! if you bring in a lock of your doggy's hair because she evokes a feeling of romanticness for you, well they will just have to figure out what that means :) have fun with it! don't let anyone stress you out or tell you that you "have" to do anything.

    2. thanks for the beer recommendation, always welcome :)

  9. Rachel, you're hilarious. Crossing my fingers that your potential venue works out!

  10. You have to present the storyboard? In my day, you described what you wanted, showed a couple of pictures, and then a couple weeks later the vendors presented the storyboards to you and you got to veto them like a queen with power issues. I miss those days.

  11. Weeeeeellllll ... it's for a contest. One that would make our wedding budget about 1/3 easier to manage. And I actually really love contests that involve competition, as opposed to those that just pick random winners. So we're going all in. Creating a storyboard. We're going to sit down and choose our pictures separately, and then look over all of them and see if we're both inspired by similar images. So it might even end up being useful in and of itself.

  12. :) i love the idea of a real storyboard...

  13. 1. Wedding breaks are good! We took a 2 month break in the middle of our planning, and it was awesome.

    2. You are definitely not a wedding failure! I had a whole inspiration board and a million photos and it didn't even matter since I had yet to see a wedding with the exact elements that I wanted for my own wedding. We ended up winging it and it was awesome. As long as you know what you want for the wedding, you'll be totally fine, and don't let anyone make you feel bad for the way you choose to plan your wedding.

    One snippet from my wedding: I tried so hard to NOT be a pushy and overbearing bride, so I was as nice and friendly as possible to every single person that we worked with for our wedding. My bouquet happened to be the one thing that was straight out of a past issue of Martha Stewart weddings. I literally handed the photo to the florist and said "that's what I want." I never felt like they were truly listening to me, but because I wanted to be "nice" I never pushed the issue with them. Of course, on the actual wedding day my bouquet looked nothing like the photo. So yeah, I think as long as you find the *right* vendors for you then the photos and inspiration boards won't really matter.

    Hang in there!

  14. I love reading your blog! I kind of feel like we're "friends" because I read your blog every weekday, but than I realize you know nothing about me - which doesn't make us friends... I hope that's not creepy, just a bi-product of blogs I suppose.
    Anyway, you are totally right, the beginning logistics of wedding planning are NOT fun. I was wondering why I wasn't really enjoying being engaged at the beginning, it was very overwhelming to me. All the questions from people, and than trying to find the venues that felt right to us, and making sure everything was available at the same time (and before someone else got to them!). But now I'm in the FUN phase, cutting things out of fabric and paper and deciding what desserts to do!
    You'll get to the fun stuff soon enough, and everything else will seem to fall into place. Good Luck!

  15. My wedding is in September and our venue is going to be in a family memeber's backyard on the bay. So, I understand where you are coming from with organizing the "not fun part." We had to set up all vendors on our own including: tent, flowers, tables, chairs, cake, ect. Although it continues to be a lot of work, I am trying to enjoy this planning process because it will never happen again! Good luck and I promise it will all be worth it in the end:)

    xoxo Ashley

  16. Hi Rachel!
    I'm planning my August wedding and I go to these sites ALL THE TIME for inspiration:

    For even more awesome DIY inspiration- I recommend this book:

    And last, I watch this video when I need to be reminded of the whole point- celebration!

    I'm SO glad you're posting wedding stuff- I love your blog and I'm very much in wedding plan mode.

    Congratulations on your engagement!

  17. Oh, I read this and felt the pain, having been there about this time last year! If it's any help (and by now, after a weekend of energy drinks and interwebs, it might not...), if your vendors (or potential vendors) are wanting you to do things you've never heard of, it might be a sign that they're a bit to wedding-industry-ish for you, and that there really are others out there who just speak normal English, and not mangled wedding speak! This site in particular was an occasional voice of sanity when it all got a bit too much... A Practical Wedding. Best of luck :)

  18. Wedding takes lots of planning, but the final result is always rewarding!!!Please visit our blog

    xoxo Cybelle & Fabi


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