Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The weekend, briefly

Mild weather continues and it feels freakishly good. The light is soft, the afternoons are beautiful. Is it actually January?

circe sidekick
{circe sidekick}*

sunday afternoon
{sunday afternoon}

light, chopping
{light, chopping}



* Sometimes Circe likes to stick very close - this weekend was one of those times. She's usually very independent, so it's kind of sweet to have her underfoot, although it means quite a bit of tripping.

** Grapefruit is so much work to peel completely, but sometimes I like to eat it this way. So satisfying.

*** D experimented with ceramic molds in college, so we have lots of these funny baby doll parts lying around. We arrange them in random places around the house and I tend to forget how strange it must look to other people.


  1. After yesterday's walk to work in -2 F weather, I can assure you that yes, at least in New England, it is most definitely January!

  2. Grapefruit is worth the effort!! Do you ever brule brown sugar on a halved grapefruit? It is one of my all-time favourite things. I love Circe!!

  3. That grapefruit is soooo beautiful. Actually, I thought it was salmon when I first saw it...most beautiful color in the world.

  4. i'm not going to lie... i also thought the grapefruit was salmon at first glance. gorgeous.

  5. i love grapefruit - love it. that smell is one of my most favorite in the world.

  6. Circe *and* grapefruit-pink hooves, missy.

    I think we're sporting the same color. Esse something-or-other?

    LOVES the freakish cast babies. LOVES them. That's how you can size up new friends. Bring them over to the house and see how they do with the cast babies.

  7. That's my favourite way to eat grapefruit! It's a pain and a bit messy to eat it that way, but it's so good.

    Have you tried it with salt? (My aunt & uncle & Alton Brown swear it's good.) I tried it like that the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was.

  8. Hi nice to meet you, Jody here. Your pictures are stunning, you can even make a little chopping bit and peices look artistic. Please post some tips, I am hopeless. Just came back from weekend skiing with a mess of pics.

  9. @ Jane - I haven't tried that, but now I'm dying to!

    @ bigBANG - it is Esse! In California Coral (I had to check). This warm weather has made toenail painting necessary, if only for the sake of the general public who have to see feet unexpectedly in the middle of winter.

    @ Kristy - haven't tried it with salt, but that's how D's mom eats it too! I'll have to try.

  10. peeled grapefruit is my fav way to eat it..this time of year the sweetness/tartness is worth the work, don'tcha think?

  11. I looks like you had a lovely and relaxing weekend!

    Love it!

  12. easily one of my favorite circe shots. mainly cus i love the idea of her following you around everywhere. too cute.

  13. Aww that's so sweet that she was your little shadow this weekend. I love having a pup underfoot. Not a huge fan of grapefruit, but I adore the scent!

  14. Pups underfoot are great, unless it's in the kitchen. ;) The weather has been amazing - I've been asking myself the same thing!

  15. My parents have a dining table that looks almost exactly like the one you have. Is it the kind with pull-out leaves? I love it, I think my dad got it in the 70s.

  16. lucky you... over here it's freezing


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