Monday, April 19, 2010

The weekend, briefly

The weather convinced us to finally get ready for spring.

patio furniture
{patio furniture}

Cushions dusted, furniture arranged.

balcony view
{balcony view}

Plants watered and pruned and cleaned.

mandarin quat spray
{mandarin quat spray}

Driving home in the dusk.

22 at night
{22 at night}


  1. Pretty mandarins pic. I was just getting ready for autumn/winter over here this weekend!

  2. Spring is finally in the air, and it feels fabulous!

  3. I can just imagine how blissful your deck must be!

  4. I am loving the bright, mild evenings!

  5. i can't wait for that mandarin quat tree to be's going to make the best summer cocktails!

  6. Whatever could be better than a watered, pruned and cleaned spray of mandaquatz?

    Also, please do tell: where are the outdoor cushions from? I'm pondering indoor/outdoor fabric for the cushions in the Scamp, what with dogs, spills, and general wear and tear.

  7. What a lovely patio... is your mandarin in a pot? If so, how big? Did you have to do anything fancy to keep the roots from getting too hot?

    I'm looking to add some citrus to our patio garden as well, but we're limited to pots and a few planter boxes. Think it would work?

    Beautiful photos!

  8. Eau du homeless scent = amazing. Will invest in a Woolite rug stick imm├ędiatement.

    And whoa are you are a Class A Craigslist prowler! I can't believe you found your outdoor furniture and your wonderful sofa there. So I'm on the hunt for some killer throw pillows for the Scamp; something durable, washable, and unusual if you come across any such items in your online wanderings!


  9. @ bigBANG - Craigslist, and they are pretty amazingly resistant to all kinds of abuse. Sadly, I don't know anything more about them. More on the comment I left for you on your blog!

    @ Tristen - Yep, the mandarin is in a pot. He's been there for almost a year now and I haven't even been nice enough to buy a real pot, so he's still in the black plastic thing. So far, it seems to be working. This is my first season of fruit, so I'll definitely update!

  10. Don't you love weekends like this? The mandarin tree looks pretty. They will be so tastey in the summer time :)

  11. Looks lovely. I adore the mandarin tree!!

  12. no cars on the freeway? shocking! haha

  13. Heretofore unaware of the existence of the mandarin-quat, I stand stoutly corrected. And I have added one to my registry, because it is adorable, lime-like and simultaneously orange.

  14. It was a perfect weekend, wasn't it? Hooray for sitting outside! I drove home from LA Sunday at twilight and it was just lovely. :)


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